Cybercriminals are never short of ideas on how to trick unsuspecting internet users into falling for dangerous scams. One common method that these attackers use is to impersonate legitimate brands in search engine advertisements, leading consumers to malicious websites that “host ransomware and steal login credentials and other financial information,” according to the FBI. These fraudulent advertisements can even disguise themselves as apps, leading people to download dangerous malware onto their devices. In an age where many ads cannot be trusted, here are 3 reasons you need an ad blocker to better protect your security. 

3 Reasons You Need an Ad Blocker

Reason #1: Ad Blockers Increase Privacy

Many websites utilize tracking codes embedded in advertisements. Famously, companies like Google and Facebook monitor your activity across different websites to learn what you like and determine which advertisements they think you’ll be interested in. From this, they can learn a great deal about you. Ad trackers uncover key information that companies then use to target you as you browse the web. 

For example, if you were in a car accident and you typed “what to do after a car accident” into Google, you might start seeing advertisements on different websites for attorneys in your area. You may also encounter ads that try and sell you a new car or even car insurance. This is because dealerships, insurance companies, and local attorneys have all paid Google to target their ads at people who have been in an accident. After all, they know that those individuals will likely require their services. 

This practice, while often beneficial for the companies who are advertising, can be seen as an invasion of privacy. Using an ad blocker helps to reduce the chance that Google or other similar businesses will gather information on you based on your search history and use it to try and sell goods and services to you. 

Reason #2: Ad Blockers Make Your Device Run Better

Have you ever noticed that accessing an article on a news site can take a while? This is often because these pages are littered with advertisements and pop-ups. You may have also identified times when your computer fans go much faster than you’ve ever experienced. This, too, is caused by ads overloading your device. 

Using an ad blocker helps speed up page load times because your device is not bogged down by advertisements that autoplay. Not only does an ad blocker enhance your website viewing experience and speed up the time it takes for pages to load, but it also improves the quality of your device overall. 

Reason #3: Ad Blockers Enhance Your Security 

As we mentioned, using an ad blocker is a great way to keep your security intact and protect yourself from potential risks like malware and ransomware. More and more often, users are encountering advertisements that infect their devices with dangerous software designed to steal their personal and financial information

You may have seen one popular form of this ad, which is created to resemble an alert of some kind. The ad may say something like, “Click here to scan your device for risks,” or even, “You’ve won! Click here to claim your prize.” Cybercriminals have come up with a variety of creative ways to trick users into clicking on these risky web banners. However, using an ad blocker mitigates your chances of encountering these pop-ups and effectively enhances your overall security. 

VPN + Ad Blocker = Total Privacy

One popular way to reduce potential risks on your device is to use a VPN. VPNs (virtual private networks) allow you to reroute your online traffic through a secure server to boost the strength and privacy of your connection. By doing so, you mask your IP address, which hosts a great deal of private information about you, including where you live and what you do online. By using a VPN, you stop advertising companies from gathering data about you without your permission. Combined with an ad blocker, this gives you robust security and helps you defend yourself against potential attacks. 

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