Internet privacy tools are integral to being online, especially when your data is such a valuable commodity. Fortunately, there are more ways than ever to defend yourself from thieves, bots, and companies looking to cash in on your browsing habits. Here are the 5 best tools for keeping your data safe.

#1 – A Virtual Private Network (VPN)

The easiest and most effective privacy tool is a private VPN, or “virtual private network.” These are invaluable internet privacy tools.

Without going into too much detail, a VPN has servers based in locations around the world. Instead of just visiting a website, for example, or downloading a file, your computer will first connect to one of these servers, then request information as if it’s on *that* computer instead of your own.

A good VPN, like PrivadoVPN, encodes and decodes your data on both ends of the transfer, so even if somebody were to intercept it, they wouldn’t be able to read what you’re sending. Further, the best ones have a no-logging policy, meaning that they don’t keep records of what you’ve accessed, making your online activity untraceable.

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#2 – A Private Email Service

You may think that your Gmail account is private, but every email that you send there is scanned by bots for keywords to better target you for advertising. This is how Google makes its money.

If you want to keep your conversations from being read, a private email service is the way to go. With one of these Internet privacy tools, you can ensure that your messages are not read by bots and remain encrypted on the provider’s servers.

Among the many great services offered by private email providers are end-to-end encryption, secure digital signatures, and even virtual addresses so that you can avoid giving out your primary email.

#3 – Private Web Browsers

It’s convenient to be able to sync Chrome data between computers, but have you ever considered how private that data really is?

Private web browsers are online protection software that lets you view websites without having to worry about the dozens of trackers and data mining programs that connect to your computer every time you visit a popular (or sketchy) website. These Internet privacy tools not only hide your location. They also make sure your browsing history isn’t sitting on a server someplace waiting for hackers to find.

And the best part? Most private web browsers easily integrate with private VPNs like PrivadoVPN, ensuring that your data is safe end-to-end.

#4 – A Password Locker

The biggest vulnerability in Internet security is the human brain. It can’t create truly random character strings. Or remember things well. Or even understand the severity of a situation until there’s already a problem.

That’s why having a good password locker (or password manager) among your internet privacy tools is necessary. It will help you make better passwords by generating genuinely random ones. Moreover, it encrypts them so they can’t be read on your computer, then enters them into the appropriate website. Logging in becomes easier while it becomes more secure!

#5 – Antivirus Software

The humble antivirus is, without a doubt, the most important online protection software you can get. Even if you have the best private web browsers, a heavily encrypted password locker, and a private VPN as good as PrivadoVPN, it will make no difference if you accidentally download an infected file.

Free antivirus solutions defend from common threats. But they might not protect you from email or message malware, adware, or even the newest viruses. The best antiviruses are robust, regularly updated, and compatible with all your devices online. Protection software like an antivirus is worth the resources it uses to keep your data safe.

At PrivadoVPN, we want to help you defend your privacy. While no solution is perfect, these Internet privacy tools will go a long way toward keeping your information out of the wrong hands.

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