With 2022 coming to a close, cybersecurity experts are weighing in on the next year and any possible security risks on the horizon. Many of these forecasts predict changes to the landscape of cybersecurity, but what are the patterns that users should look for and how can they protect themselves against any potential threats? Below, we’ll share five cybersecurity predictions for 2023 and help you learn how to keep yourself, and your data, safe. 

Cybersecurity Predictions for 2023

1. Ransomware Threats Remain on the Rise

In a recent interview with the CVP of Microsoft Modern Protection and SOC, Rob Lefferts, it was revealed that ransomware is one of the largest and most significant threats in the cybersecurity field. According to Lefferts, “2022 saw more than a 130% increase in ransomware attacks.” 

With a variety of attack vectors to choose from, cybercriminals are utilizing ransomware as their primary operation because of its high success rate. It’s even possible that we may see a surge in attackers using AI to further the efficiency of their attacks. The biggest cybersecurity threat will be faced by supply chains and infrastructure, including education and medicine. 

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2. Digital Supply Chain Attacks Disrupt Unsecured Companies

Now that there is a global push toward digital supply chains, there are an increasing number of potential risks. Experts say that, within the next two years, 45% of global organizations could be victims in a serious digital supply chain software attack. This number is more than three times the amount of attacks seen in 2021.  

Being connected to the Internet means that organizations need to mobilize and initiate stronger security measures to prevent these attacks. Because digital and software supply chains are so new, there are likely to be vulnerabilities that have yet to be discovered. It’s important to combat these weaknesses head-on in order to protect the organization, and the supply chain, as a whole.

3. Cybercriminals Introduce New Extortion Methods

While ransomware and digital supply chain attacks take the center stage, threat actors are also looking for new ways to get what they want from their victims. This includes different extortion methods. Some of the most popular methods, like “hack and leak” or data destruction, will likely give way to more innovative techniques. 

The threat of losing critical data forces victims to pay attackers in order to regain access. This has introduced a dangerous precedent that fuels these attacks and shows cybercriminals that their methods and extortion do, in fact, work. 

Mobilizing on early detection methods is the best way to prevent and obstruct any potential attacks that may manifest. It’s also necessary to have a plan in place to contain any breach that might occur, in order to ensure that you can recover as much of your data as possible. Being proactive about an organization’s defense can make it easier to protect important data from being lost during these attacks.

4. Mobile-Specific Threats Grow in Number

As we continue to rely on mobile-based technology, it’s easy to see why mobile-specific attacks will likely be on the rise in the next year. According to the Verizon Mobile Security Index (MSI) 2022, mobile-specific cyber attacks have grown by 22% in the past year and shown no signs of slowing down as we head toward 2023. Even major companies like Uber are suffering due to vulnerabilities and related attacks.

As a result of this surge in mobile-based attacks, users may see a trend of moving away from SMS-based authentication. The new approach will likely be centered around multifactor authentication, or MFA, for more reliable protection against attacks. We may also see new innovations from cybersecurity organizations that promise enhanced security.

5. Data Privacy Laws are Becoming More Strict

Over the next year, new data privacy laws will go into effect across a handful of states. For now, many of these regulations will be state-specific. However, knowing that these implementations are on the way means that organizations and companies should do everything they can to ensure that they are complying with these new laws. 

In most cases, data privacy laws can change the way that businesses keep their data. However, changes to these laws may open up some organizations to potential threats if they are not initiated correctly. This is why it’s so vital that companies follow the necessary cybersecurity protocols, like having a zero-log guarantee

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