Android and Apple are some of the most popular device manufacturers on the market. Between their phones, tablets, and smart TVs, Android and Apple have taken over the digital device landscape. When it comes to the security of your mobile device, it’s important to find a brand that fits your needs. Many consumers wonder whether Android devices are more secure than Apple devices, leading to frequent “Android vs iPhone” privacy debates.

Regardless of where your brand loyalties lie, it’s important to understand how safe your device really is. Learning whether Android devices are more secure than Apple devices can help you make more informed decisions for future purchases. Take a look below as we cover some of the essential facts related to Android and Apple device security.

Android Security Basics 

One of the most common smartphone concerns among consumers is security. This makes perfect sense, considering that many of us keep a variety of personal information on our phones, tablets, and computers. Ensuring the security of your private data is important, and no user wants to gamble on their privacy or safety.

Much of the concern around the security of Android devices stems from the open-source code that they are built on. The open-source code allows users to adjust settings within the software and is used to customize the features on the device. Unfortunately, these customizations can come at a cost. 

Too many personalized adjustments can create serious vulnerabilities in the security of Android devices. Reports indicate that Android devices are more prone to cyber-attacks due to their potential for weakened security. This makes Android devices more likely to encounter malware and other viruses. 

However, this doesn’t automatically make Apple devices superior: iOS devices are not immune to hacking or malicious software. Plus, depending on the type of cyber-attack, even the most robust security cannot protect against social engineering or phishing attacks.

To effectively keep your Android safe, avoid downloading apps from a third-party app store and stay on top of updates. Android developers routinely release software updates to improve the security of their devices, and keeping up to date on these releases can help reinforce your Android’s safety.

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iOS Safety Features

Apple devices are known for their robust security and robust operating systems. The developers at Apple have made it more challenging for dangerous software to compromise a device by introducing more strict guidelines for app integrations. Apps go through a rigorous review process before being released, making it more difficult for malicious apps to get on the Apple app store. 

Unlike the Android operating system, iOS doesn’t allow users to modify their devices unless they “jailbreak” them. This practice, known as “rooting” for Android users, allows customization and personalized changes on an iOS device. Unfortunately, jailbroken and rooted phones are at a greater risk of infection by malware or other viruses that aren’t filtered by the closed source software. 

For many consumers, purchasing an Apple device is a guarantee of safety. However, neither brand is entirely safe from cybersecurity attacks. One of the best ways to ensure that your device remains protected is to use a VPN. With a VPN installed on your Android or Apple device, you have access to the additional security you need at the push of a button.

Can You Use a VPN on Android?

Using a VPN gives you the ability to route your IP address through a secure, encrypted tunnel. This tunnel sends your virtual location to another server, making it appear as though you’re using your device from one place while actually being in another location entirely. With a VPN, you get an extra boost of privacy and security from invasive ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and potential cybercriminals. 

One of the best aspects of Android devices is that you can integrate a variety of software with them. However, it can be challenging to know which software is safe and which is infected with dangerous malware. When you use a VPN on your Android, your privacy is protected from any cybercriminals who may be attempting to access your device. By rerouting your IP address through a different server, it becomes harder for prying eyes to pinpoint your location or infiltrate your device. You can use a VPN on any Android device, including Android TV

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