Streaming entertainment has been an Internet cornerstone for over a decade, and the need for on-demand content has only increased. Platforms like Netflix and HBO provide streaming access to thousands of films and TV shows, but they require a subscription. To avoid paying any fees, some users have begun to explore free streaming sites. This raises one primary concern: are free streaming sites dangerous?

Copyright issues and legal considerations are important factors to weigh when deciding to use a free streaming site. However, there are also additional dangers: the possibility of malware and viruses. With cybercriminals lurking around the Internet, it’s important to ensure that your system is fully protected against potential attacks.

What is a Free Streaming Site?

Certain websites allow users to upload and watch live events, films, and television shows for free. In most cases, these free streaming sites operate illegally. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) can report you for accessing illegal websites and copyright holders may pursue action against you. Paying fines for criminal activity costs more than the amount you might save by not subscribing to a streaming service.

Free streaming sites often feature embedded videos presented at a reduced visual quality. To get around laws and regulations, some sites even break up episodes of television shows or films into multiple videos. Ultimately, the viewing experience on illegal free streaming sites is much less enjoyable and much more dangerous.

Why are Free Streaming Sites Dangerous?

In the past few years, dozens of new streaming services have entered the market to compete for viewer attention. The cost of these platforms can vary wildly, but most of them offer a free trial for a limited time. Some Internet users choose to forgo free trials and paid subscriptions by accessing free streaming sites to view their content.

One of the most obvious concerns related to the safety of streaming sites is their legality. There are other potential dangers on free streaming websites that could potentially result in identity theft or an infected system. Most free streaming sites don’t have moderation, which means that there isn’t someone ensuring that the content on the site is safe. However, unregulated advertisements and videos aren’t the only potential threats. 

Malware and viruses are a common threat on many free websites that host streaming TV, movies, and other videos. The issue has become so prevalent that the Federal Trade Commission has spoken publicly about the dangers of these pages. With so many dangerous free video sites, the chances of infecting your system with malicious software are higher than ever. According to experts, the best way to avoid contracting malware from these websites is to never visit them at all.

How Can I Protect Against Dangerous Sites?

There are many circumstances where your system can become infected with malicious software without your knowledge. The chances of obtaining a virus increase if you share a computer with others who don’t have safe Internet habits. Young children are often unaware of how to navigate online streaming safely and can be fooled by seemingly “reputable” sites. It’s important to teach everyone on your network to avoid websites that could damage their system or steal their data.

One of the best ways to protect your network from potential security threats on free streaming sites is with a VPN. With privacy from a VPN, your information won’t be at risk even if another user accesses a dangerous video site. Having trouble accessing your normal streaming websites due to restrictions on a public WiFi network? A VPN can help with that, too. Using a VPN, you can safely access popular streaming platforms knowing that your IP address is hidden from prying eyes.

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