With YouTube implementing site-wide updates, like removing the “dislike” button on mobile, many users are moving away from the platform. Users dislike many of the changes coming to the website, but they’re also curious about their privacy. Google collects information on user activity, which has made many fans of YouTube start searching for the best YouTube alternatives. Check out our list of popular YouTube alternatives and find a new place to safely watch your favorite videos today.

Best YouTube Alternatives 2021

Many websites have attempted to corner the market on video content and compete with YouTube. Are you a creator who wants to share your videos securely? Are you just looking to watch the latest music videos? With so many different options for YouTube alternatives, you’re sure to find one that fits your needs. Here are some of the best YouTube alternatives that we found on the Internet.


Vimeo is a platform that was made by filmmakers. It offers content from unique creators who make videos, music, photography, and more. Launched in 2004, Vimeo offers users access to ad-free, innovative, high-quality videos in resolutions up to 4k Ultra HD. You won’t find cat videos or Vine compilations on Vimeo, but you could discover a new up-and-coming artist to enjoy.


Although the videos on Dailymotion have a 20-minute limit, the website remains one of the most popular YouTube alternatives. Despite some limitations, Dailymotion offers 1080p and less compression during video uploads, resulting in more high-quality content. This platform is easy to use and works as a great YouTube alternative for popular videos.


The platform Vevo is most well-known for hosting music videos and related clips of artists. Unlike other sites, videos on Vevo are officially available from Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group. These music videos are available in a high-quality format, perfect for every music fan no matter the genre.


One of the most popular video platforms is Twitch, which hosts users who produce live videos of gaming, art, and more. This site encourages interactivity between users watching the presenter and provides a variety of unique, innovative content. Twitch relies more on this type of content than YouTube, but it still offers a great deal of incredible content to discover.


If you’re looking for a more secure video content website that’s also ad-free, DTube is for you. DTube, built with privacy in mind, stores content on the blockchain which protects it from tampering and attacks. This is a great option for creators looking to share their content and keep it safe at the same time.

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Why You Need the Best YouTube Alternatives

Most popular video websites track user activity through cookies or aggregated data. These sites claim that the intention behind the monitoring is so they can analyze your habits for marketing research. However, many sites sell their collection of user data to affiliates. Legal cases are another circumstance where these websites will access archived user activity, especially if required by law. Google has had legal challenges in the past regarding user data monitoring, ultimately causing many YouTube users to look elsewhere.

Much of the algorithm on YouTube is based on activity tracked from your personal history. This means that you receive a tailored version of the platform based on what YouTube thinks you want to see. When you use YouTube alternatives, you have the chance to find new content that you might not have otherwise seen. 

Depending on what your primary concerns are for leaving YouTube, there are a variety of options available for YouTube alternatives. If your main priority is your privacy, however, you should consider getting a VPN to provide you with additional protection.

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