Air travel has become increasingly more expensive, and many travelers are searching for ways to reduce the cost of their plane tickets. Between limited seat availability and flights that change prices multiple times a week, it’s becoming more difficult to travel on a budget. Luckily, there is a way to find cheaper flights right from the comfort of your home. Take a look below as we cover the different ways that a VPN can save you money on flights and other travel expenses.

Save Money on Flights with a VPN

Using a VPN gives you the power to change your IP address and, as a result, your online location. For example, if you live in New York, purchasing tickets for a flight from Queens to Los Angeles will usually cost more if the booking site registers your IP address as one in the United States. However, updating your IP address to a different country, like Canada or Mexico, may give you the ability to find a cheaper price for that same flight.

One important tip is to clear the cookies on your device before opening your VPN and selecting a different server. Your cookies are stored locally within your browser and they help websites remember who you are. By clearing your cookies, you trick the travel website into thinking that you’re a new customer who lives in a different country, thus opening you up to cheaper tickets. 

Oh, and don’t forget: this works for booking hotels and other travel accommodations, too!

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Flight Fare Fluctuations 

Many travel websites will raise the prices of flights if they notice that a user is continuously returning to look at a particular flight. This causes urgency in the customer and makes them want to purchase their plane tickets sooner. Some users have even reported that refreshing the website can cause prices to increase. Fortunately, using a VPN and implementing Incognito mode can help.

Incognito mode is not a perfect solution, of course. In most cases, your geo-location data is still available through this method. Additionally, website trackers may attempt to gather your info and use it to leverage higher ticket prices on your upcoming flight. This is why clearing your cookies and using a VPN is a great solution to save you money on flights and other travel expenses.

Travel Benefits of a VPN

You can save more than just money when you use a VPN: you can also save your data from being compromised while you travel. Scammers and hackers are constantly looking for ways to launch cyber attacks against unsuspecting victims. They prey on vulnerable devices and networks with low-security thresholds, like the ones at coffee shops, airports, and theme parks. 

Wi-Fi networks that are built for widespread use tend to have much lower security standards than the ones you might have at home or in the office. As a result, those who use these networks risk having their data stolen or compromised. 

Using a VPN can give your computer, phone, and tablet enhanced security when you travel. With a reliable VPN on your device, you can safely browse the Internet on planes or in hotels without the fear of prying eyes. Your VPN will protect your personal data while also allowing you to access region-specific content that may be unavailable when you travel. It’s a win-win for any traveler who wants to enjoy their vacation with more peace of mind.

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