Whether you use Instagram casually or to promote your business, losing access to the platform can be more than frustrating. However, it can be even more challenging when you lose access to your Instagram account because the platform bans it. But what happens to banned accounts that didn’t do anything to violate the rules of the application? This has led many users to wonder, “Can someone else get my Instagram account banned?” Below, we’ll explore BaaS (Ban-as-a-Service), why cybercriminals use this method, and how you can protect your account. 

Can Someone Else Get My Instagram Account Banned?

Short answer: yes. Long answer: yes, but the ban is not always legitimate, which means that Instagram can usually reverse the decision.  

There are many ways that your Instagram account can be unceremoniously banned without your consent or knowledge. One of these methods is a cyber-attack that leads to a fraudulent Instagram ban after the perpetrator mass-reports an account. This is BaaS, or “ban as a service.” This means that another individual, or group, has paid a cybercriminal to take down a specific Instagram account. BaaS attacks are a way for cybercriminals to take down accounts of businesses, organizations, influencers, or regular users. In many cases, other individuals pay cybercriminals to carry out the attack.

The reason that these particular attacks occur can range from personal vendettas to overly competitive businesses. Ultimately, each BaaS attack is unique and could severely impact the livelihood of those who use Instagram as a means of generating income. If you believe you’re the victim of a BaaS attack, contact Instagram Support immediately and report the fraudulent Instagram ban.

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What is a Fraudulent Instagram Ban?

Any ban that Instagram imposes for illegitimate reasons, including the direct actions of an attacker, is fraudulent. These BaaS attacks all take advantage of certain loopholes in the review process that Instagram has for inappropriate content. BaaS attacks use a few distinct methods, all of which are fraudulent.

One method involves attackers adopting the persona of the user they are trying to get blocked. In this situation, the cybercriminal will change their profile information, their photo, and other data to impersonate their target. They will then attempt to verify their account using more fraudulent information, like fake email accounts or phone numbers. The attackers then report the original account to Instagram, stating that they are the ones impersonating them.  

Another type of BaaS attack is mass reporting. Cybercriminals will use waves of bots, which simulate multiple Instagram accounts, to report their target. This method was made after attackers discovered Instagram’s reporting infrastructure exploit. There’s even a specific code that cyber attackers use for mass reporting to get accounts banned from the platform. 

On some occasions, attackers will contact their targets and offer to help them get their account unbanned for a fee. The price for getting your account unblocked by the attacker who got it blocked can be around several thousand dollars. There is no legitimacy behind this promise, however, and most cybercriminals are charging their targets for nothing. 

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How Do I Get My Instagram Account Unbanned?

If you ever find yourself in a situation where your account is fraudulently blocked, there are a few steps you can take. The first step is to reach out to Instagram and let them know. You will have to contact them through the application, under your account that was banned. Instagram requires that you give them identifying information that they can use to verify that the account belongs to you. 

Unfortunately, the process for communicating back-and-forth with Instagram Support can take some time. There is no speedy way to get your Instagram account unbanned after you experience a fraudulent ban. This is a good thing, however, as it ensures that Instagram is performing its due diligence in verifying your account. Ultimately, if you act right away, the Instagram Support team will be able to assist you quickly and effectively. 

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Can I Prevent My Instagram Account from Getting Banned?

One of the most stressful parts of cybersecurity attacks is that you can never predict them or see them coming. In many cases, cybercriminals randomly choose their victims. Unfortunately, these attackers target some accounts because of their success and popularity. If you have a business or brand on Instagram, verifying your account is a great way to reduce these attacks. However, there are other ways that you can protect yourself and your information.

Using a VPN is a great way to give yourself extra privacy, protection, and security. You can easily mask certain personal information and prevent cybercriminals from accessing it and using it to impersonate you. Protecting your location information and other identifying details can give you the extra security you need to reduce the chance of BaaS attacks.

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