You may be familiar with the idea of private browsing through functions like Incognito Mode. However, the Incognito Mode setting on your Internet browser isn’t enough to give you true privacy. Many users have begun to use dedicated private browsers, but some people may wonder, “do I really need a private browser and, if so, what are they?” Below, we’ll discuss the basics of using a private browser on your personal device and whether or not you need one.

What is a Private Browser?

Similar to private browsing and Incognito Mode, a private browser is dedicated software that gives you more control over your privacy. Instead of manually turning on a private browsing mode, using a private browser as your main web browser allows you to consistently mask your website traffic history and prevent cookies from being stored on your device. 

Using a private browser is especially helpful if you do a lot of online shopping and you share a device with a loved one. Want to make sure they never see the smart TV you were shopping for? Then a private browser is for you. However, you may be wondering about the usefulness of a private browser. We’ll help you learn whether or not you actually need one. 

Do I Really Need a Private Browser?

Much like any other piece of technology, there are pros and cons to using it. Of course, in most cases, using a private browser is a great way to reduce the tracking of your online history. The risk, however, is based on how much you anticipate that the browser will protect you. 

Although they can provide a good baseline for enhanced privacy, private browsers aren’t quite as private as you may think. This is especially true for anyone who uses a public Wi-Fi connection or a shared network. Private browsers cannot protect you from malware or viruses, contrary to what many users may think. This is just one of the main reasons why it’s important not to rely on a private browser for complete and total security.

Fortunately, there are times when using a private browser can, in fact, be helpful. Let’s explore some of the circumstances in which private browsers provide the most benefit:

  • On public devices, such as at a school, hotel, or library 
  • When shopping for gifts or personal items, such as engagement rings
  • When using multiple email addresses or social media accounts
  • On public networks or when sharing a connection
  • When searching for topics you don’t want to appear in your browsing history
  • When making travel-related purchases such as tickets or hotel bookings

Private browsers can certainly be useful tools for giving you more privacy. However, if you really want to enhance your online protection and mask your activity, there are a few other things you may want to consider. 

How Can I Increase My Online Privacy?

One of the best ways to protect your privacy is to follow good security hygiene practices. This means having a strong, unique password that is different from all of your other accounts. It also requires you to ensure that your software, and your personal devices, have all the necessary updates. You should even add a reliable antivirus program in order to protect against malware. 

However, the best way to increase your online privacy is to use a VPN. If you aren’t familiar with a VPN, it allows you to mask your IP address and, subsequently, your personal information. Any data that is attached to your IP address can be discovered by third parties unless you protect it. That’s where a VPN comes in. But it gives you more control over your privacy than just masking your IP address. You can increase your speeds, access global content, and enhance your streaming quality. However, the best part is the peace of mind that comes with knowing your personal privacy is secure. 

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