If you’re into playing games online, you know some of the biggest problems you’ll face: lag, cheaters, and hackers. Fortunately, gaming with a VPN can help you address these issues and get the best experience. In fact, a VPN can actually significantly improve how you play games online.

Doesn’t Gaming with a VPN Slow Things Down?

Good question. The answer is: maybe, but not much.

The way that a VPN works is by taking your unsecured connection and establishing encryption protocols for all of your data. It then routes that data through other computers that will protect your identity and hide your online activity.

This is important because of one thing: throttling. Your Internet service provider (ISP) might be artificially restricting how fast your gaming data can be transmitted and received. They sometimes do this for certain types of transfers that they want to discourage, like gaming, often to free up bandwidth for other customers they may value more.

Technically, you might add a millisecond or two to your ping in absolute terms, but gaming with a VPN could actually speed up your connection if you’re being throttled. And if it doesn’t, the minuscule drop in speed is more than worth keeping that from happening.

Don’t Be Part of a DDoS Attack

If you’ve been gaming long enough, you know that some people will try to cheat at games by targeting players with a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. That’s where a bunch of computers keeps asking yours for information, which can slow your connection to a crawl, if not crash you entirely.

Gaming with a VPN can help keep that from happening. A DDoS targets your IP address and floods it with trash data. But when you’re connected to a virtual private network, you’re not using your IP address: you’re using ours. And our computers, while not perfect or DDoS-proof, can take a lot of punishment before going down. With PrivadoVPN, we own a lot of our data centers and fiber lines, giving us a greater ability to react quickly to these sorts of attacks and protect your system.

The other side of this is that you might be part of a DDoS attack and not even know it. Some hackers can actually hijack other computers or gaming systems connected to a network and get them to send the trash data to someone else. While this is unlikely to slow you down (the point is to use a bunch of systems so they don’t notice), nobody wants to help somebody cheat to win.

Gaming with a VPN Lets You Play Now

Have you ever wanted to play a new game, but it’s only available in a different region? Or play a game that is exclusive to a specific area? If you’re gaming with a VPN, you don’t have to worry about these issues.

One of the best things about a VPN is that you can choose what virtual location you’re located in. For example, if I’m based in Switzerland, but the game I want to play is in North America, I can change to a North American server, get the game, and start playing right away.

PrivadoVPN has servers in 45 countries and 58 cities around the world. And since we buy IP addresses from ISPs, every connection is genuinely from that region. That means it’s harder for game companies to tell that you’re using a VPN and not really where your computer says you are.

There’s no reason why your gaming should be restricted by national borders. When you’re gaming with a VPN, it isn’t.

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What Are You Waiting For?

Gamers will always have to deal with some issues, but there’s no reason that you should suffer from easily fixable ones. Fast, secure connections are key to having great gaming experiences and being able to perform your best in every situation.

Gaming with a VPN just makes sense if you’re a serious gamer.

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