According to the Google Transparency Report, Google received more than 75,000 requests for user data for approximately 165,000 global accounts in only the first six months of 2019. This is an increase of 50% from the number reported in 2018. Google’s response to dealing with the ever-increasing demand for customer data is to monetize the process. Law enforcement and government agencies now have an À la Carte menu with processing fees for each type of customer data. 

Law enforcement agencies seeking the production of basic subscriber information through a Subpoena will be required to pay a menial $45.00 fee and processing a wiretap order to assist in intercepting a customer’s communications is only $60.00. This can seem to be an invasion of privacy. However, the process of companies charging for legal requests has been done in the past and on paper is completely legal. While it can seem worrisome that law enforcement can so easily get access to your Google data, the upside is that implementing fees may lead to fewer requests.  

Google’s Fee Chart 
– Subpoena: $45
– Court Order: $150
– Search warrant: $245
– PRTT (Pen register or trap and trace) order: $60
– Wiretap order: $6

As Google’s services continue to grow and people get entangled with providing more and more data for its search, mobile, email, and other communication products, legal requests are equipped with a growing complex set of data on a per-customer basis. From the email, you sent to your coworker, to the flights you searched for last Sunday, and even the new contact you logged into your phone…All activities are being tracked, logged and available for purchase. 

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