Amazon is one of the most widely used shopping platforms in the world, with an average of 1.6 million customers making purchases each day. Unfortunately, not all transactions made through Amazon are legitimate. In fact, there is a wide variety of Amazon scams that have slipped through the cracks. In this article, we’ll show you how to avoid Amazon scams and how to detect them.

Understanding Amazon Scams

There are many different forms of scams on the Internet but, on the Amazon platform, most of these scams utilize social engineering techniques to trick customers into surrendering their personal information. These tactics include impersonating Amazon employees or sending users offers directly that seem too good to be true. Ultimately, the goal is always the same: to obtain your credit card information or money. 

Social engineering attacks are nothing new. These fraudulent contacts that pretend to represent legitimate businesses or organizations have successfully tricked millions of people all over the world. However, identifying the possible scams that a cybercriminal may use can help you stay protected. Let’s explore some of the different types of Amazon scams and how they work. 

Common Types of Amazon Scams

When it comes to scams on Amazon, there are a variety of different methods that are used to convince users to surrender their financial information. It’s necessary to learn about these different Amazon scams and how to spot them in order to protect yourself, and your financial information, against them. 

Gift Card Scams

Although this tactic is popular across the Internet, cybercriminals have begun utilizing gift card scams on Amazon more frequently. This method is used to obtain credit card information from users after they are tricked into purchasing gift cards. 

Scam artists are extremely creative when it comes to devising reasons for customers to buy these gift cards. They can impersonate charities or legitimate businesses and request gift card donations for a “good cause.” Of course, this is just one of many different ways that these fraudsters convince Amazon users to make these purchases. If you ever receive a message from Amazon, or another organization, that is pushing you to buy a gift card for any reason, it’s important to report it immediately and ignore it. 

Dangerous Links

Another common method that scammers use on Amazon is to send malicious, dangerous links to users in the hopes of capturing their credit card data. Many messages that use this tactic can appear legitimate, and users may not be aware that they are being tricked into clicking on these links until it’s too late. 

Most commonly, Amazon scam artists will instruct users to sign in through a link that goes to a site which replicates the Amazon login screen. These websites capture that login information, which scammers then use to access billing and payment information. They can then make purchases from the users account or obtain their credit card data that is saved to their profile. Other forms of these links contain malware that infects a user’s device and monitors their activity. From there, cybercriminals can track logins to different sites, including banking portals. 

Impersonating an Amazon Representative

The practice of impersonating an Amazon representative is more common than ever before. Scam artists often carry out this attack method by sending out phishing emails, text messages, or even phone calls to customers under the guise of assisting them with their account. In some cases, these criminals will inform users that there has been fraudulent activity on their account and request credit card information to either verify the user’s identity or put a stop to the unauthorized transaction. 

Once a user surrenders their private data to these scammers, it’s likely that they will see immediate withdrawals or purchases on their credit card. Scam artists work quickly, so it is important to know what to look for when identifying these dangerous threats to your online safety.

Tips for Spotting an Amazon Scam 

Looking for a way to quickly identify Amazon scams? One of the best ways to spot a scam is to look for certain signifiers, including: 

  • Frequent misspellings 
  • Suspicious links 
  • Urgent or insistent language 
  • Mistranslated words or phrases 
  • Notification of prizes without having entered a contest 
  • Asking for private information

Of course, as cybercriminals continue to develop new ways to fool their victims, they will consistently create new and dangerous ways to trick customers into surrendering personal data. Below, we’ll teach you how to avoid Amazon scams and keep your information safe.

How to Avoid Amazon Scams

It’s not always easy to avoid Amazon scams due to their frequency and believability. However, take a look at the following tips to give yourself some added protection against these threats:

  • Avoid providing personal information to strangers
  • Never click on suspicious links
  • Avoid making payments through a third party website 
  • Report any potentially dangerous emails immediately 
  • Ensure your device has up-to-date antivirus software 
  • Use a reliable VPN to keep your data secure 

If you believe that you have been the victim of an Amazon scam, you can report the incident to the Amazon Fraud Department. You can also utilize the power and protection of antivirus software and a VPN to enhance the security of your device. Using antivirus software will help you manage any possible threats that might exist on your computer, phone, or tablet. Plus, a VPN can protect the information associated with your IP address and help you prevent anyone from spying on your activity. 

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