This year, competitors from around the world are preparing to perform in the 2022 Olympic Games. The events, hosted in Beijing, have a variety of different sports and will take place between February 4th and 20th. Spectators from across the globe are gearing up to enjoy the games, but many fans are wondering how to watch. Today, we’ll show you how to safely watch the Olympics with a VPN to ensure you get the best experience. Using a VPN to stream can help improve the quality of your video playback, your access to content, and more.

Watch the 2022 Olympics Online

The schedule of events for the 2022 Olympics includes fifteen games that will take place between February 4th and 20th. Winter Olympic games occur every four years and are among some of the most popular sporting events around the world. During the 2020 games, over 4.91 million viewers tuned in to watch athletes compete for the gold. This year, projections are set to be just as high. Take a look below at the current schedule for the 2022 Winter Olympic games.

  • Curling: February 2nd – 20th
  • Ice hockey: February 3rd – 19th
  • Freestyle skiing: February 3rd – 19th
  • Figure skating: February 4th – 20th
  • Short track speed skating: February 5th – 16th
  • Cross-country skiing: February 5th – 20th
  • Speed skating: February 5th – 19th
  • Snowboarding: February 5th – 15th
  • Luge: February 5th – 10th
  • Biathlon: February 5th – 19th
  • Ski jumping: February 5th – 14th
  • Alpine skiing: February 6th – 19th
  • Nordic combined: February 9th – 17th
  • Skeleton: February 10th – 12th
  • Bobsleigh: February 13th – 20th

Which event have you been looking forward to streaming? Are you planning on arranging digital watch parties with friends or family to share the excitement? However you choose to enjoy the 2022 Winter Olympic games, one thing is certain: you’ll want to watch them safely. 

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Where to Watch the 2022 Winter Olympics

There are many different options for you to safely stream the Beijing Winter Olympics. Depending on where you live, streaming providers are offering ways for fans to watch the games from their own homes. Check out the following list to see if your country has an easy way for you to stream the Olympics. 

  • Australia – Seven Network
  • Austria – ORF
  • Belarus – Belteleradio
  • Belgium – RTBF and VRT
  • Brazil – Grupo Globo
  • Canada – CBC and Radio-Canada
  • Caribbean – Sportsmax
  • Chile – TVN
  • China – CCTVMigu
  • Colombia – Caracol Televisión
  • Croatia – HRT
  • Denmark – Danish Broadcasting Company and TV 2
  • Dominican Republic – Antena 7
  • Ecuador – RTS
  • Europe – Eurosport
  • Finland – Yle
  • France – France Télévisions
  • Germany – ZDF
  • Greece – ERT
  • Guatemala – Televisión Guatemalteca
  • Honduras – VTV
  • Hong Kong – TVB
  • Hungary – MTVA
  • Iceland – RÚV
  • Italy – RAI
  • Japan- Japan Consortium
  • Laos – LNTV
  • Latin America – América Móvil
  • Lithuania – TV3
  • Malaysia – Astro
  • Netherlands – NOS
  • Norway – TVNorge
  • New Zealand – Sky
  • Pacific Islands – Sky
  • Philippines – Cignal TV
  • Poland – TVP
  • Romania – TVR
  • Switzerland – SRG SSR
  • Sweden – Kanal 5
  • South Africa – SABC and SuperSport
  • South Korea – SBS and KBS
  • Spain – RTVE
  • Taiwan – ELTA and HamiVideo
  • Thailand – PPTV
  • Turkey – TRT
  • Ukraine – Suspilne
  • United Kingdom – BBC
  • United States – NBCUniversal

Of course, this is only a small sample of the selection for websites that are hosting the Olympics. Your location will determine which stream you can access for the 2022 Winter games. Take a look at the rest of the countries that are available and see if there is a way for you to watch the Olympics from the comfort of your home.

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Streaming the Olympics Online Safely

Depending on where you watch the Olympics online, you might run into some cybersecurity threats. If you’re streaming the Winter Olympics at a coffee shop during your lunch break, you could expose yourself to cybercriminals. This occurs due to the weak security levels on public Wi-Fi networks. Establishments often reduce their network security to allow more users to connect at once. However, When you access an unsecured connection, you put yourself at risk for a cyber attack. Any information sent over that Wi-Fi network can be stolen by criminals and used in a fraud attack against you. 

During this time of year, many fraudulent websites appear that advertise free streams for the Olympics. These sites usually contain malware that infects your device and prevents it from operating at full capacity. It’s important to ensure that your system is safe from these security threats. One way to avoid them is to use antivirus software with a VPN to protect your IP address and data.

Your IP address links you, and the device you’re using, to a specific location. If a cybercriminal were to obtain your IP address, they could use it to identify the region where you live. Once they have that information, they can commit fraudulent activities that can put your safety at risk. With a reliable VPN on all of your favorite devices, criminals can’t spy on you through your network.

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How to Use a VPN to Stream the Olympics Online

Setting up a VPN to help you safely watch the Olympics online is simple. The first step is to determine which device you’ll use while watching the games. If you want to use a mobile device, the first step is to download the VPN app you want to use. Once you install the app, you can sign in to the interface, select a server, and connect. 

If you want to stream the Winter Olympics online with a VPN on your computer, the process is similar. After you sign up for an account and download the software, you’ll then login and select your server. However, if you want to set up unique VPN configurations such as OpenVPN or IKEv2, you’ll need to make a few more changes. We have a few guides that you can select from depending on how you want to customize your VPN settings.

No matter how you choose to stream the Olympics with a VPN, make sure you’re doing it safely. Never download any software that you believe may be harmful to your device or your privacy. It’s important to check the validity of a website or a platform that offers streaming before using it. Avoiding cybersecurity risks can be challenging, but a reliable VPN can help.

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Stream Safely with a VPN

Using a VPN on your computer, mobile device, and router gives you access to 24/7 privacy and protection. Did you know that masking your IP address makes it harder for cybercriminals and invasive ISPs to spy on you? VPNs allow you to securely hide your IP address from prying eyes, protecting your private information around the clock. However, there are many advantages to using a VPN, especially when you’re hoping to watch the 2022 Winter Olympics. 

When you use a VPN on all of your devices, you get continuous privacy and round-the-clock protection. You can also get access to content that may be blocked on certain connections. Adjusting your VPN settings can even help you improve the quality and speed of your downloads and streams. If you’re looking for a way to safely watch the Olympics and keep your privacy secure, a VPN can help.

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