Twitter is a platform that allows users to connect and share photos, videos, and thoughts under 280 characters. Unlike Instagram, which is primarily image and video-driven, Twitter users typically share their updates through text. Many Tweets are accompanied by identifying info, including location information. Some users are looking for ways to remove this ability or even modify their true location for more privacy. Below, we’ll show you how to spoof your Twitter location to give yourself additional protection online. 

Does Twitter Track IP Addresses?

One of the main reasons that a user might want to spoof their location on Twitter is to increase their privacy. This is primarily because Twitter does, in fact, track IP addresses on its platform. This geolocation information is used to modify which trending topics appear for each user. For example, if you live in Chicago, you will be more likely to get trending news stories and hashtags for your city and the rest of Illinois. 

You may be wondering, “Is this legal?” Twitter does, in fact, let users know that their location data will be utilized in their Privacy Policy. Knowing that the platform has access to that data makes some users wary, and for a good reason: protecting yourself online, especially on social media, is more important than ever. This is among the top reasons that users are looking to spoof their Twitter location.

How to Spoof Your Twitter Location

There are a variety of ways that a user can fake their location information on Twitter. Certain apps will allow you to input any location data and link it to your tweets. However, many of these applications carry potential threats to your security. Some of them exist on ad-laden websites that can even infect your device with malware. Let’s explore some of the safer options for users who wish to spoof their Twitter location.

Using Twitter

With your precise location turned on, you can tap the location icon at the bottom of a new tweet and bring up the tag location search feature. From this menu, you’ll be able to search and customize your location. This is helpful, for example, if you want to share a post about visiting a theme park and add that theme park as the location of your tweet. However, this is only useful if you want to adjust your location to somewhere within your state. 

Using a VPN

After installing a VPN on your phone or computer, you can easily manage your location on more platforms than just Twitter. First, connect to the VPN and choose a server in a different location. Once you connect, you can create a new tweet that will pull your geolocation information. You can even use the custom geolocation search once you are connected to a different server that will allow you to spoof your location on a tweet.

Location Settings Updates

In lieu of updating your Twitter with a false location, you can also remove the ability for Twitter to share your location. Simply open your settings in the app, click on “Privacy and safety”, then scroll down to the data sharing section and select “Location information.” From here, you can turn off your precise location and remove the option for personalization based on places you’ve been. The desktop version of Twitter also allows you to remove all location information attached to your tweets, as well.

Twitter allows users to add custom location information to their Tweets… to an extent.

Tips for Keeping Yourself Safe on Twitter

Now that you know how to spoof your Twitter location, let’s take a look at some of the other ways that you can increase your privacy on the popular app. It’s especially important to give yourself added security on social media websites that depend on you sharing personal info about your life. Take a look at the following tips for improved online safety and privacy. 

  • Use two-factor authentication on your account
  • Update your password to something strong and unique
  • Keep your profile private and increase your privacy settings
  • Avoid sharing personal data including your workplace or school
  • Never post photos or videos that give away location information
  • Don’t share your full name or contact information, e.g. phone number

No matter how you use it, the Internet can be a dangerous place. Even with safety protocols turned to their highest settings, there are still plenty of ways that attacks can occur. This is why we recommend using a combination of antivirus software and a VPN to give yourself the total privacy and protection that you truly deserve.

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