Since privacy concerns have become such an issue, more people are starting to watch Netflix while using a VPN. After all, it is the most popular worldwide streaming platform with over 182.8 million subscribers who watch approximately 6 billion hours of TV and movies monthly.

However, not all the movies or series on Netflix are available in all countries due to the geographic region restrictions. 

Using a VPN to watch Netflix seems like a convenient solution. VPN providers have large server networks around the world with IP addresses originating in different countries. However, Netflix has figured out a way to block some of these IP addresses associated with virtual private networks. 

If you watch Netflix while using a VPN, you might have gotten this message:

Error that sometimes occurs when you watch Netflix using a VPN
“Oops, something went wrong… Streaming Error.”

This means that Netflix has discovered you are using VPN and blocked your access.

How is Netflix Able to Detect Users with a VPN?

Netflix provides streaming access to subscribers in various global regions. Licensing agreements and local laws impact what can be streamed in a given area, though.

Therefore, your country might be blocked from streaming a film when the movie is not licensed for viewership. It’s not in Netflix’s best interests to limit viewership, so they often take their time sorting and blocking VPNs. That being said, VPNs are limited in the number of IP addresses they own, so it’s possible that you might be sharing one with several people. If Netflix detects more than one person ostensibly coming from the same location, it’s a clue that those people are likely using a VPN to avoid geo-blocking.

In order to please rights holders, the company may also purchase information on IP addresses used by VPNs and pre-emptively block them.

That being said, just because they have a system in place doesn’t mean there isn’t a way to bypass it.

How to Bypass Streaming Error with VPN

Restart Your Internet Connection

If you’re sharing an IP address with more than one person and Netflix notices, you may be able to fix the problem by restarting your Internet connection. IP addresses are usually assigned dynamically when you connect to the Internet from somewhere. Restarting your connection may give you a new IP that isn’t blocked.

Use Netflix on Your Browser Instead of the App

Another way Netflix detects illicit behavior on their platform is by confirming if your DNS server and IP address location matches. Usually, VPN providers mask this issue, but the Netflix app sidesteps this masking. Try opening up Netflix in a private browser window instead.

Change Your VPN Region

If the IP address of your current VPN location is comprised, just change your regional and connect to another country that gives access to the movies and series you are interested in. You’ll be given a different IP address that should let you access their library.

Change Your VPN Service Provider

There are VPN providers that have limited IP addresses due to their server size. Not all VPN providers are able to bypass Netflix. Choosing a VPN that gives you access to plenty of servers and unlimited IP addresses will keep this from being an issue.

You Can Watch Netflix While Using a VPN

VPN services are a convenient way of bypassing geo-location tracking by our favorite streaming services. Even though they have caught on to this hack, it doesn’t mean there aren’t still plenty of ways to watch Netflix while using a VPN.