Always-on devices like Amazon Echo or other AI-driven hardware are causing privacy concerns in the cybersecurity community. Smart devices are quickly becoming the hottest trend in home technology, with products like Google Nest flying off the shelves. The convenience of these smart devices has given rise to new and exciting developments in the world of at-home tech. AI-driven devices create shortcuts that improve our everyday lives, but who has access to the data we supply them with? In fact, many smart device owners are left wondering: “Is it legal for AI to spy on me?” Take a look below as we explore the different facets of AI technology and how smart devices impact our privacy.

AI and Smart Devices

Smart technology has grown tremendously over the past several years, making them a staple in many homes. AI assistants like Siri and Alexa are more popular than ever before, especially for busy families. These devices operate through voice commands, and many users wonder about their privacy when AI assistants are listening to them. 

AI devices require a stable connection to the Internet at all times. Companies like Amazon and Google have programmed their smart technology to distinguish between “recording” and “listening.” Devices like an Amazon Echo are only “listening” to identify certain trigger phrases, known as “wake words.” As a result, your AI assistant won’t respond unless you attach “Hey, Siri” or “Hey, Alexa” to your question. 

Many privacy precautions are in place for smart devices and AI assistants, but there are still some users with concerns. The balance between convenience and privacy is important to consider before investing in an AI device. Ultimately, the biggest question that smart device users share is: “Is it legal for AI to spy on me?” 

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Is It Legal for AI to Spy on Me?

When it comes to AI devices listening to your commands, there are certain stipulations that come with the idea of “spying.” When AI smart devices listen to your commands, they are only monitoring for direct commands. However, government officials and law enforcement have concerns about obtaining relevant data that smart devices record. With police officers attempting to gather information from companies like Amazon and Google, it’s important that manufacturers reinforce user privacy.

Recent cases have seen law enforcement officials attempting to get data from AI devices, but companies aren’t budging. In 2015, an Arkansas murder case saw officers issuing a warrant to Amazon for information captured by the victim’s Echo. The retailer did not provide officials with the data, choosing instead to adhere to their pre-disclosed privacy laws. In instances like this, the “spying” or “listening” done by your device should never be used against you or given away. 

Stories of this nature reinforce the importance of maintaining reliable online privacy. If you want to add more robust protection for your privacy, you need a VPN. With a reliable VPN, you have more control over your private data. Robust encryption from a powerful VPN makes it easier to hide your activity, and your private information, from unwanted spectators. Never worry about third parties spying on you through your AI device again.

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What is a VPN?

VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) allow you to mask the location of your device by encrypting its IP addresses. Any Internet-connected device has an IP address linked to its activity. Installing a VPN gives you the power to hide yourself, and your activity, from cybercriminals and prying eyes. Without the protection of a VPN, malicious attackers can introduce dangerous malware to your device or network. 

A VPN gives you the ability to strengthen your Internet privacy with secure encryption. This encryption process “scrambles” your data, making it difficult for cybercriminals to obtain your private data. VPNs that incorporate strong encryption protocols, such as Wireguard, OpenVPN, and IKEv2, create reliable protection for any device. This means that you can secure your entire network with just one VPN account. 

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