The holidays are the busiest time of year for many people, especially when it comes to traveling. Visiting loved ones can be a great way to end the year, but it can also be a cybersecurity risk. If you’re flying to see family members this month, you may have wondered: “is it safe to use airplane WiFi?” Keeping yourself secure while using a public WiFi connection is important, especially when traveling through different states or countries. Take a look below as we discuss the safety of airplane WiFi and how to protect yourself from cybersecurity risks. 

Airplane WiFi Safety

When traveling on an airplane, many of us need to utilize the in-flight WiFi connection to complete work or use our devices. Whether that device is a phone, a laptop, or a portable gaming console, you never want to risk its security. Scammers and cybercriminals can use the weak security protocols on airplane WiFi to compromise the safety of your device.

Cybercriminals take advantage of travelers who are relaxing and not worrying about their safety over the Internet while on vacation. If a public WiFi network isn’t secure, scammers can hack into vulnerable devices and steal sensitive information. Unfortunately, the WiFi connection on most commercial airplanes is not secure. This means that cybercriminals can leverage the WiFi on airlines, or even in airports, to access your private data.

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Is it Safe to Use Airplane WiFi?

Ultimately, it’s never a safe decision to use a public WiFi network without protection on your device. Airplane WiFi is notorious for being unreliable. If you can’t trust airplane WiFi with a stable connection then you shouldn’t trust it with your privacy.  

When a cybercriminal hacks into a public network, they can steal private data from unsuspecting victims. This data can be used to commit identity fraud, deposit malware on a device, and more. When you use public WiFi, you never know who may be monitoring your activity or personal information. 

If you ever need to use the WiFi in an airport or on an airplane, it’s important to stay secure. There are a few great ways that you can protect yourself, and your private information, while using unsecured airplane WiFi.

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Staying Safe on Public WiFi Networks

No matter where you go, keeping your private information safe should always be a priority. That includes places where you may not know that your device is in danger, including coffee shops, malls, and more. Public WiFi networks are a major privacy risk, and cybercriminals often take advantage of that vulnerability. Reports of cybersecurity attacks have risen in recent years, so it’s more important than ever to keep your information safe. 

One reliable way to keep yourself safe on airplane WiFi and other public WiFi networks is to use a VPN. With a VPN (a virtual private network), you can mask your IP address from cybercriminals, invasive ISPs, and more. VPNs allow you to encrypt your device and, depending on the protocol, can even provide you with faster speeds.

When you connect to a secure VPN, you can route your location through encrypted servers in other cities and countries. This provides more control over your privacy and how your devices are protected. A reliable VPN can secure your connection anywhere you go, which is especially important on public networks and airplane WiFi. 

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