Your IP address identifies your location and the device you use to access the Internet. However, there is also certain information that attaches itself to your IP address that your ISP, and others, can access without your knowledge. That’s why it’s so important to keep your IP address private and secure. But is your IP address private and, if not, how can you protect it? This article will show you how easy it is to quickly secure your IP address. 

The Difference Between a Public and Private IP Address

Before you learn more about your own IP address and its privacy levels, you need to understand the difference between a public and private IP address. 

Public, or “external,” IP addresses are IP addresses associated with your device, assigned to you through your router by your ISP (Internet Service Provider). These addresses can be traced back to your ISP and may reveal your personal location and other identifying information. Your data can be seen by hackers, Internet providers, web trackers, government agencies, and more. 

Private, or “internal,” IP addresses are for devices that share a network so that they can communicate with one another. This type of IP address provides more security than a public IP address and makes it more difficult for external users to create a connection. This is similar to the way that you might use a printer at home or at the office, meaning that the IP address is still accessible, and traceable, to others on the network. 

Ultimately, the major difference between public and private IP addresses is the scope of their reach. Public IP addresses are user-facing, while private IP addresses are only used within a specific network. Additionally, because private IP addresses are only accessible on the network that administers them, the numbers associated with them can be reused by different devices around the world. This is why so many private IP addresses share the number 192.168. 

Is Your IP Address Private?

The first step to determining the privacy of your IP address is to use a website that can help you check. Click here to find out more information about the security of your IP address.

Find out if your IP address is private and secure.

Now that you know more information about your IP address, you’re probably wondering a few different things. First, you likely asked yourself, “what does all of this mean?” Next, you probably asked, “how can I get better security for my IP address?” Don’t worry: we’ll explain.

When you connect to the Internet, the IP address that your ISP assigns to you replaces your private IP address. This helps you create a stable connection while also protecting your private IP address. Depending on whether or not you have a dynamic or static IP address, this number may change. However, you can also manually change your IP address to give yourself more privacy by using a VPN.

How to Protect Your IP Address

The best way to protect your IP address on the Internet is to use a powerful VPN. When you use a VPN, you give yourself additional layers of protection by encrypting your activity. This makes it harder for attackers to infiltrate your network. It also prevents anyone from spying on your online traffic: imagine a much stronger, more reliable version of Incognito Mode, but for your entire computer. 

You can protect more than just your computer when you use a VPN. Using a VPN helps you get more security on your phone, tablet, router, and even your smart TV. There’s no limit to the way you can protect your home network when you set up a personal VPN. 

Encrypting your online traffic by using a VPN is the best way to protect your IP address, no matter what device you use. Plus, it’s easy. On your phone, you can secure your personal IP address by opening your VPN app. On your computer, it’s as simple as installing software and allowing it to run on your desktop. While you safely connect to another server, your IP address is then routed directly through it. It may seem complicated, but it all happens with just the push of a button.

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