In our commitment to remaining the best free VPN provider, it’s necessary for us to ensure that our users have ongoing access to top-rated security and privacy tools. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce PrivadoVPN’s new Lite Mode, which is a revolutionary update that will transform the way our free VPN users experience online freedom and protection. 

PrivadoVPN is always developing improvements to our service so we can continuously deliver a top-rated VPN. Our team is dedicated to providing online protection to all our users on every tier because we believe that online privacy is a right, not a privilege. We want to offer our free users complete security at all times, and the Lite Mode update allows us to do just that.

What is Lite Mode?

Lite Mode is a new update aimed at helping PrivadoVPN users stay connected to our service seamlessly. We created Lite Mode to help our users get the most out of their free VPN, ensuring that they can continue enjoying total online privacy and security without lifting a finger.  

Lite Mode allows free users to remain connected to PrivadoVPN even when they run out of data, and now, free users automatically receive their 10 GB data allotment as soon as it becomes available. Users can also learn when their data refreshes by visiting their admin panel or through the PrivadoVPN app. This gives our free VPN users continuous access to dependable online privacy settings and an optimized, encrypted server for advanced security on every device (including your smart TV).

How Does Lite Mode Work?

With this new update, free VPN users will be automatically transitioned to Lite Mode as soon as they use up their 10 GB of data. Users will continue getting secure online privacy, just at a reduced speed. They won’t need to worry about logging in and clicking a button to add additional gigabytes to their account when it’s time – they can simply continue enjoying a high-quality browsing experience without interruption.

Another aspect of Lite Mode is automatic server selection, which ensures that users don’t have to worry about choosing a server after opening the application. Now, users will automatically connect to the closest optimized server to give them reliable ongoing protection and security. By quickly connecting users to a nearby server, PrivadoVPN helps maintain our users’ privacy to ensure their data and personal information remain secure.

In order to continue delivering top-rated VPN protection even after a free user uses up their data, we have ensured that Lite Mode users will still have access to our Kill Switch, which allows them to protect their data in the event that their connection becomes unsecured. The Kill Switch automatically blocks data transmissions to and from their device until an encrypted tunnel is re-established. It protects a user’s data and privacy by preventing them from accessing the Internet unless their connection is encrypted with a VPN, making it virtually impossible for prying eyes to gain access to their device. 

Another aspect of our new Lite Mode update helps ensure that users have a swift and easy return to the application. No matter when a user wants to come back to PrivadoVPN, they’ll have 10 GB of data available to use immediately after their data refreshes. No more waiting or clicking to refresh their data allowance – they can simply continue enjoying the reliable service and secure protection they’ve come to expect from PrivadoVPN. 

At PrivadoVPN, we are committed to protecting you and your data by providing the best VPN possible. Since we opened our doors, we have always been dedicated to offering dependable security against online threats and invasive third parties. This new update ensures that we stay in line with our core mission, which is to provide reliable protection and privacy. As one of the best VPNs in the industry, PrivadoVPN users can experience everything that the Internet has to offer, including safe browsing, streaming, and downloading, without limits.

Dependable Online Protection with Lite Mode from PrivadoVPN

PrivadoVPN’s Lite Mode is our way of ensuring a hassle-free VPN experience for our free users. We want you to stay seamlessly connected while enjoying all the benefits of PrivadoVPN’s robust security and privacy features. In addition to Lite Mode, free users can still take advantage of our no-logs policy, top-grade encryption, and automatic server connections, as well as a variety of features designed to keep you safe and anonymous online. As the number one rated free VPN by Techradar and Tom’s Guide, this is just one more step towards solidifying our commitment to a high-quality user experience.

PrivadoVPN Lite Mode F.A.Q.

1. Do I need to sign up for Lite Mode, opt into the service, or manually turn it on?

Users who access the free version of PrivadoVPN will instantly be put on Lite Mode after they run out of data without needing to sign up or opt in. Free users will enter Lite Mode automatically without having to access their admin panel, which creates a hassle-free online experience. There are no additional changes or steps required to take advantage of all the great aspects of Lite Mode.

2. Do I have the same browsing speeds when using Lite Mode?

We understand the importance of privacy and security, so even though you have run out of data, Lite Mode ensures that you will still be able to protect your device and access your favorite websites at a reduced speed. If you want to experience unlimited speeds, you can upgrade your account.

3. Does Lite Mode automatically add 10 GB to my account?

Yes. Once you are eligible, you will receive your allotment of 10 GB so you can continue enjoying an easy browsing experience. We will notify you once your 10 GBs are available to be automatically added to your account. To learn when your 10 GB allotment will be restored, visit your app or admin panel.

4. Can I use a Kill Switch in Lite Mode?

Yes, users can access the Kill Switch feature in Lite Mode. In an effort to uphold our status as the best free VPN provider, and because we care about providing our users with core features that ensure their protection, users will still be able to access the Kill Switch setting that automatically secures their devices in the event of a threat to their security. Unlike other free VPNs, we want to ensure you always have the privacy and protection you need. 

5. Am I able to select my server locations while in Lite Mode?

Free users whose accounts enter Lite Mode will have an optimized server location automatically selected for their IP address in order to provide a more streamlined experience. This will guarantee that free VPN users can experience continuous security. As a top-rated free VPN provider, PrivadoVPN is committed to providing users with safe, secure online access. However, users looking for additional servers and even more features can upgrade to a premium account

6. Will I be able to choose which protocol I want to use in Lite Mode?

When an account goes from standard to Lite Mode, it remains on the protocol that was selected prior to the transition. Once the account is out of Lite Mode, users can manually update the protocol they want to use.

7. Is the Auto Connect feature available through Lite Mode?

In place of the Auto Connect feature, Lite Mode instantly selects the best optimized VPN server in range for each user when they connect to the app. Because we are committed to being the number one free VPN provider, we want to ensure that our free users get an easy, reliable online experience. This update enhances the user experience by creating seamless connections and more security. 

8. Is Limited Speed Mode still available?

We listened to our user’s feedback and we have now implemented Lite Mode, which takes all of the features that Limited Speed Mode once offered and does everything automatically, including connecting you to the nearest secure server. Lite Mode offers free VPN users a more streamlined app experience so they can automatically continue using the PrivadoVPN after their 10 GB allotment is used up. This update, which replaces Limited Speed mode, will ensure that free users have ongoing protection and access to a top-rated VPN for more security and privacy.

9. Can I still use my favorite apps?

Yes, with Lite Mode you will still have the ability to connect to your favorite apps and websites using a secure connection. PrivadoVPN is dedicated to making sure that our free users have access to our top-rated VPN features, including our reliable encryption settings and optimized servers, so they can safely utilize all of their favorite applications on any device. 

10. Can I still download content while Lite Mode is activated?

Yes, you will be able to download and browse for anything you need while in Lite Mode. PrivadoVPN is the best VPN for anyone looking to download safely with an added layer of privacy. Lite Mode will ensure that you have ongoing protection so the data you transfer to your device is secure.

11. Can I still stream from my favorite websites?

Yes, Lite Mode allows you to stream videos with your device of choice on any of your favorite websites while remaining encrypted and protected. PrivadoVPN is a top free VPN because we ensure that our users can safely stream content from their preferred platforms with ease while keeping their devices secure.

13. What makes PrivadoVPN the best free VPN?

In addition to our new Lite Mode setting, PrivadoVPN offers a top-rated free VPN with faster download speeds, geo-unblocking, and 10 GB of monthly data on 12 secure global servers. PrivadoVPN also delivers powerful encryption settings and a true zero-log policy for even more protection. Premium users get even more servers and additional features like unlimited data, a built-in AdBlocker, and online threat prevention to help you identify malware and other security threats.

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