Google routinely stores location and data history for its users. Whether you’re using Google Maps, Gmail, or another application that they manage, the tech giant is likely tracking your activity. The company has seen its share of frustration from users who insist that Google mismanages the location data they obtain. Users site the lack of functionality for controlling data that Google tracks as one of the most prominent security issues. In a time when your privacy is more important than ever before, many users are turning away from Google products. If you’re looking for other apps to help you replace Google Maps, you’re not alone. Take a look below at some of the most secure Google Maps alternatives available today.

Privacy and Map Applications

If you use map applications to get around, you’re likely familiar with their use of your location information. These apps use your location data to help you navigate, giving you precise and accurate information about your surrounding region. When you use these applications, there is no real way to get around providing them with your location information. Many users have serious concerns about their location data potentially falling into the wrong hands.

When you sign up for a map application, it’s easy to skip through their privacy policy without reading it. However, experts recommend evaluating these terms and conditions before signing up for an app that relies on your location data. Depending on your map application of choice, you may be signing away rights to your personal information. The safest way to protect your privacy is with a physical map, which is inconvenient for many drivers. However, there are also many different ways to navigate using safe navigation applications. We’ll help you locate the most secure Google Maps alternatives for your needs.

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Most Secure Google Maps Alternatives

Using Google Maps is a popular option for users on both Android and Apple devices. However, due to mounting privacy concerns, millions of users are looking for alternatives to their core application lineup. Although you always reveal some personal data when using a map application, there are safer options than Google Maps. If you need more privacy, take a look at the most secure Google Maps alternatives available on the market today. 

1. Apple Maps

It may not surprise Apple users to know that their devices come with access to Apple Maps built into their phone. Exclusively for Apple users, this easy mobile application never shares your data and lets you easily download offline map information. Although the features aren’t outstanding, Apple’s privacy policy makes them the most secure Google Maps alternative. 

2. OsmAnd

When it comes to offline navigation, OsmAnd has great free navigation tools and even hiking maps. The app, available on all popular platforms, works offline and removes the need for a consistent connection. The application also offers information on trails for both hiking and biking. OsmAnd is aware of the importance of privacy, making it so that the data they do track is not personalized. They even allow users to purchase access with a gift card to avoid putting their credit card information at risk. 

3. OpenStreetMap

You may be familiar with OpenStreetMap, the crowdfunded open-source mapping project. This app does not rely on advertisers to function and uses, instead, donations from their users. OpenStreetMap is free and gives you more flexibility over what data you want to share. 

4. HERE WeGo 

HERE WeGo is a free map alternative that has been on the Internet for over 35 years, providing maps to people all over the world. The application has similar functionality to Google Maps, giving users to see local traffic data in certain regions. Although HERE WeGo uses behavioral advertising, you can deactivate the feature to enjoy the robust mapping application.

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Other Safe Alternatives to Google Maps

There are countless applications out there that can help you navigate and avoid Google’s constant surveillance. Opening up your app store and typing in the world “map” reveals this right away. However, not all map applications are created equal: many of the most popular alternative options for Google Maps collect data. If you’re looking to get rid of your Google apps but don’t mind another application using your data, read below.

Waze Maps

This popular alternative to Google Maps is one of the best ways to monitor local traffic information in real-time. Waze uses information that users submit to populate the application with traffic data that saves you time on the road. The user experience (UX) of Waze is great for anyone struggling to navigate the busy streets of their city. However, Waze is upfront in telling users that they collect data to “operate” and “improve the quality” of their app. This makes them significantly less secure than some of the previous Google Maps alternatives.


Before there were electronic navigation apps, there was MapQuest. The company has always been first in providing users with useful features for navigation planning. For example, they allow you to calculate fuel costs for your trip or search for local attractions along the way. The statement in their privacy policy dictates that the information users submit to MapQuest is done at their “sole risk.” In so few words, this means that your location data may not be entirely safe with MapQuest.

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Protecting Your Location Information

The data that you provide to map applications can be sensitive. For example, if someone hacks your Google account, they could find out your home address and/or where you work. This data is available simply by accessing your “saved places” in Google Maps, or by checking your recent location searches. Ultimately, there are a variety of ways that cybercriminals could use your personal information for their own advantage. 

When you look for a secure Google Maps alternative, you need to ensure that you’re aware of your needs. Are you looking for an app that works offline? Do you need one that allows you to plan ahead for trips? Knowing this information prior to your search for an alternative to Google Maps can make the process much easier. 

If you want to use another mapping application, be sure to get one that has your privacy in mind. Look for an app that doesn’t force its users to give up data unless they’re willing to do so. It’s also necessary to evaluate the privacy policy of each potential app to find one that suits your navigation needs.

Keeping your privacy intact has never been more important. Using a VPN with your new, secure map application can provide you with an additional layer of security and protection. Regardless of how you use navigation applications, always ensure that your safety comes first.

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