Your Internet service provider (ISP) is spying on you. Every website you visit, every article you read, and every link you click online, is being logged and recorded by your ISP. The global surveillance revelations of 2013 exposed the depth and long reach of mass surveillance taking place in countries around the world. The subsequent years that followed the 2013 revelations have only been shown to strengthen the state of global surveillance and weaken the right to individual privacy. 

In 2016, Yahoo admitted to scanning all of its customers’ email accounts on behalf of U.S. surveillance. While this may sound baffling to many, mind you that this is only what has been reported. It is presumed that gag orders, that is, orders by a court or government to restrict information from being circulated, have been increasing in the United States. There is a strong suspicion that major technology companies, such as Google, Microsoft, and Internet Service Providers, are actively forced to comply with similar directives. 

Furthermore, political leaders in the United States have failed their citizens by relinquishing their rights to privacy and allowing ISPs all over the country to sell their data without consent. In 2015, the FCC published a rule which aims to protect consumer privacy. This rule requires ISPs to disclose to their customers the data is being collected, how the data is to be used, and whom the data will be shared with. In a disturbing resolution, the United States Senate voted to eliminate the broadband privacy rule which would have required ISPs to get consumers’ explicit consent before selling or storing data. It should be of no surprise that these same leaders are currently trying to weaken encryption laws and allow for mandated back doors for devices.  

Practicing online privacy should be viewed in the same vein as practicing good hygiene. When accessing the Internet, a person should always be wary and connected to a trusted VPN provider. Look for providers that are ideally located outside of the United States and the EU as they tend to have stricter standards when it comes to their protocol. PrivadoVPN is the first step to help you own and keep your data secure. Other steps that are recommended include using an anonymous search engine, a private and secure web browser, and installing an ad blocker.

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