The use of a VPN on personal computers and desktops cannot be overemphasized as it is necessary to conceal your IP address from hackers and internet fraudsters. However, VPN for mobile networks is another ball game entirely.

You may be wondering if VPN works on mobile networks and even if so, is masking and protecting your identity necessary while using your mobile phone? Of course, it is! There are several advantages to why you should use a VPN on your mobile network and some of them are as follows;


Nowadays, the relevance of personal computers is beginning to fade with the improvement of mobile devices. So much personal information contains within our mobile network that privacy is almost impossible. To maintain privacy and keep websites from monitoring your habits, subscribing to a VPN provider is necessary. 

Most of your web searches are done online through your mobile devices and sometimes even banking activities. You can avoid an invasion of privacy by having a VPN that conceals your IP address and give you optimum privacy. 


When your mobile device is hacked through network servers, your banking information, personal data, and sensitive information can be leaked. This will have a huge financial impact and take a toll on your mental stability too.  While standard cellular services do encrypt data, many like to use VPN as well for the double layer of encrypted service. 

We, on the other hand, like to keep a VPN on in case we inadvertently connect to a Wi-Fi without noticing when roaming around the city.  It’s always handy to have a VPN connection at all times, whether connected to 3G, 4G, LTE, or Wi-Fi. 

Accessing Blocked Content 

The internet is a huge place where numerous data accumulates at every session. However, in certain regions and countries, some content is banned for viewing, and restricted access is given. With a VPN, it is possible to bypass this challenge and access the information you need that is blocked in your location. This is essential, especially when traveling. 

Some countries are even quite strict and specific when it comes to available content from the internet. VPN uses different IP addresses available on their servers for different regions to conceal your own location. This gives you unlimited access to any content almost worldwide. 

Bypass Location Restriction 

Memberships on certain sites are restricted based on location which can be problematic for business. Sites like PayPal, GoFundMe amongst others are very specific about the access they give to members in certain regions. VPN provides access and enables you to sign up and run an active account on the websites. 

VPN Protection

Bypass ISP Throttling

Surfing the net is problematic with a slow internet network. Sometimes, a slow network is attributed to cellular service providers restricting the speed limit of your browsing. This is typically known as ISP Throttling. 

With a VPN on your mobile device, bypassing this inconvenience is easy. Encryption of your online activity by VPN redirects your activity to a different server bypassing throttling on your mobile network.   

Bottom Line

While Cellular networks do provide encrypted connections, a VPN is always necessary to have to keep you safe online. Plus, there are other benefactors such as accessing block content, bypassing location restriction, and ISP throttling that is applicable to mobile VPNs as well. 

Keeping you safe, secure, and free on the internet, VPN is necessary for your mobile network.

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