When cybercriminals compromise your personal data, it can put you in serious danger. If your credentials fall into the wrong hands, cybercriminals can easily obtain your private information. In many cases, stolen logins are used in credential stuffing attacks that target the victims and their data. If you are unfamiliar with the threats that professionals associate with credential stuffing, we can help. To better understand how credential stuffing works, however, you’ll first need to learn what it is.

What is Credential Stuffing?

You won’t find “credential stuffing” on your Thanksgiving table with a side of gravy. Instead, this cyber-attack is one that involves a combination of automated software scripts, bots, and hacking private accounts. The act of credential stuffing is one where a criminal tries a set of login data across different websites. This data is stolen and then sold on the dark web to the highest bidder. Occasionally, cybercriminals will orchestrate a data breach and reveal all the information that they could ever need. 

These data breaches are full of login information and other identifying data. A criminal then takes the new information and tries to use it on other sites. For example, if a cybercriminal were to obtain your Facebook login information, they might also try those credentials on Twitter. The criminal may then attempt to use the same credentials on a more lucrative site, like your bank account. Credential stuffing can cause irreparable damage if it isn’t dealt with quickly enough.

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How Does Credential Stuffing Work?

The process for credential stuffing is relatively simple. Cybercriminals purchase credentials from the dark web after another hacker has initiated a data breach. These criminals then attempt to test out the credentials they have bought using automated software. This software uses the login information from the data breach to try and access social media apps or banking sites.

If one of the credentials ends up working for a certain website, criminals will then have access to that account. At that point, these hackers will proceed to take over the profile they log into. This means that if cybercriminals gain access to your account through credential stuffing, they can bar you from using it. In many cases, credential stuffing is followed by identity theft and fraud.

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How to Protect Yourself from Credential Stuffing

One key reason that credential stuffing works for cybercriminals is that most people use the same passwords on every website. The same is true for email addresses because most individuals find it easier to just use one set of credentials. And if a cybercriminal gets your Instagram login credentials, couldn’t they just as easily get into your bank account? By having a uniform login, you open yourself up to security threats and other possible risks. 

The best way to protect yourself from credential theft is to create a unique password for each of your accounts. This means that the login information for your social media accounts and banking websites should all be different. Additionally, if possible, you should have email addresses that you associate with each of the aforementioned accounts. This simple trick is a great way to keep cybercriminals from putting your safety at risk.

Another option for keeping yourself safe from credential stuffing attacks is to use a VPN. With a VPN, you can easily mask your location and personal data from prying eyes. You can route your IP address through a secure server in another location and hide your whereabouts. This gives you control over your privacy, making it harder for hackers to obtain your data in the first place.

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