The 2024 Academy Awards are just around the corner! The upcoming broadcast for the Oscars will be streamed live on March 10th, 2024 through ABC, where the stars of this year’s best movies will gather on the red carpet to celebrate Hollywood’s biggest night.

Wondering how to watch the 2024 Oscars from the comfort of your home? We can help! Take a look at our comprehensive guide to streaming the Academy Awards.

When Are The 2024 Oscars? 

Get your popcorn ready! This year, the Oscars take place on March 10th, 2024, at 7 PM EST. 

Can I Use a VPN to Watch the 2024 Academy Awards?

Although it is possible to watch the 2024 Oscars through a VPN server connected to another location, this might breach the terms of use for your streaming service of choice and PrivadoVPN. Our VPN is intended as a way to enhance your online privacy and security through secure encryption, and should never be used as a way to circumvent any copyrighted material. Because we are a zero-log VPN, we do not monitor your online activity. As a result of this policy, we ask that you respect the intention of our service and our terms of use.  

Watch the Oscars 2024 Online

Stream the 2024 Academy Awards with PrivadoVPN to avoid potential throttling and enjoy secure, high-quality streaming no matter where you are. PrivadoVPN users in North America will need to select a server in the U.S. to enjoy faster streaming speeds and high-definition viewing. We’ve also created a thorough list of the services that are streaming the Oscars in 2024 so you can enjoy the show without leaving your home. 

Stream the Oscars in the United States

  • ABC: For those who have cable, you can watch the Oscars for free through the ABC website or at, which will require you to sign in with your television provider.  
  • DirecTV: Subscribers to DirecTV can access DirecTV Stream and enjoy the Academy Awards live at 7 PM EST. New users can also receive a 5-day free trial of the service.
  • Fubo: Another popular service that offers the option to stream the 2024 Oscars live is Fubo. Although the show will not be available for on-demand viewing, users can still stream ABC through the app while it is live and also enjoy a 7-day free trial.
  • Hulu: Hulu users who have the Hulu + Live TV package can livestream the Oscars directly from the app. Subscribers can also watch the show on-demand after it finishes. 
  • YouTube TV: Watch the 2024 Oscars live on YouTube TV when it airs on March 10th. The service offers access to ABC so you can enjoy the Academy Awards from any device with their 14-day free trial. 

How to Watch the 2024 Academy Awards

  1. Sign up for PrivadoVPN and download our user-friendly client for fast speeds and high-quality streaming.
  2. Connect to a secure server in any of our available cities. American users should select a server in the United States to watch the show live.
  3. Log into your streaming service of choice.
  4. Enjoy the show!

Does PrivadoVPN Make Streaming Better?

PrivadoVPN enhances your online streaming by helping you avoid throttling, delivering faster speeds, and a way to watch all of your favorite streaming services safely. Our servers are optimized for the best possible speeds and the highest level of security, backed by 256-bit AES encryption for the most powerful level of protection. PrivadoVPN allows you to stream safely on your computer, smartphone, tablet, gaming console (Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PS3), as well as your smart TV. Plus, we offer up to 10 simultaneous connections so everyone in your home can safely stream with confidence. 

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