We’re finally done! It wasn’t easy, but we wanted to make sure that when we released the PrivadoVPN app for iOS we got it right. And we can confidently say that our hard work has paid off.

Today we’re releasing the iOS version of the PrivadoVPN app to our users. Like the apps for Windows, macOS, and Android, the iOS app will make it easy for you to connect your device to the PrivadoVPN network with the press of a single button, protecting all incoming and outgoing data. Of course, you’ll still have all the benefits of using our ultra-secure virtual private network, but it’ll be that much simpler to do so.

Available App Features

These are just a few of the features you’ll now have access to on your iOS device with PrivadoVPN.

  1. Unlimited Data – With the PrivadoVPN Premium plan, you never have to worry about not having an encrypted tunnel to connect to the Internet. Your private information will be protected and everything coming and going from your iOS device will benefit from military-grade encryption.
  2. Data Kill Switch – It’s so simple to turn on our Kill Switch feature with the PrivadoVPN app. Just toggle a single option on the home screen and you can be confident that if you lose contact with the secure virtual private network, your device won’t send data that hasn’t been through our rigorous encryption protocols.
  3. Choice of VPN Protocols – It takes no time at all to choose the VPN protocol that is going to best fit your Internet use. Whether you want maximum Internet speeds for your phone or need to make sure that that company email gets the strongest possible encryption, you can pick the protocol in seconds.
  4. Connect to the Fastest Server – With the PrivadoVPN app, now you’ll automatically join the fastest available server as soon as you connect to the Internet. Of course, you can still choose from the 175 servers in our global network and be virtually anywhere.
  5. Use on Multiple Devices – Want to protect the whole family’s iPhones? That’s not an issue with PrivadoVPN Premium, which allows you to protect up to 10 devices with a single account, twice as many as other VPNs.

Download PrivadoVPN for iOS Today

You can get the PrivadoVPN app for iOS right now through the App Store. Follow the link, download, log in, and press the keyhole to protect your device. You can also take a look at the PrivadoVPN software page and see what other apps we have available so your entire network remains secure wherever you are.

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