Online banking is one of the most common platforms that cybercriminals use to defraud their victims. Many social engineering scams involve criminals attempting to obtain credentials for online banking apps and websites. In fact, even most robocalls are built to seek out banking information from targets. But can a VPN protect your online banking from these security risks? 

What is a VPN and How Does It Work?

VPNs, or Virtual Private Networks, are a type of software that lets you hide your virtual location from any device by encrypting your IP address. With VPNs, your Internet traffic is safe from anyone who may be looking at it, like ISPs, malicious hackers, or cybercriminals. Devices that can connect to the Internet have their own IP address. This IP address links all online activity to that device. This allows applications and websites to connect with you. Unfortunately, without a VPN, cybercriminals can install malware on your devices or cause other serious privacy concerns.

Using a VPN helps boost your online privacy through “encryption.” This process “scrambles” your data, which makes it harder for criminals to access. When your data reaches its destination, it “unscrambles” so the recipient, or website, can properly access it. Using powerful encryption settings is the safest way to transfer important data. VPNs that use encryption protocols such as OpenVPN and IKEv2 give you extra security, as well. These protocols are great for keeping yourself safe on apps and sites that track your location data, like online banking applications.

VPN Protection

Can a VPN Protect Your Online Banking?

One of the best parts of a VPN is that it masks your Internet activity. When you have an active VPN, your device behaves similarly to your browser in Incognito Mode. This means that your web traffic cannot be traced by anyone who might be observing it. Cybercriminals who may be attempting to target you will have a harder time if your activity is protected with a VPN. 

Although much of online banking has become more secure in recent years, there are still risks. When it comes to your financial information, you can never be too careful. Using a VPN to hide your online activity and protect your credentials is a great way to boost your privacy. With the help of a VPN, you can make your online banking safer.   

How Does a VPN Make Online Banking Safer?

There are a variety of ways to make your online banking experience more secure. Adding two-factor authentication to your online banking account is a great way to protect your login information. Additionally, giving yourself a strong password is another option for securing your banking data. However, using a VPN is also a powerful method of protecting yourself online. 

If you use public Wi-Fi for any of your online banking, you could be susceptible to a potential attack. Unfortunately, public Wi-Fi networks exist for accessibility and not safety. This means that cybercriminals can compromise your activity and steal any information sent across unsecured networks, including your banking credentials. With a VPN active on your personal device, your activity and your credentials are safe from potential threats and prying eyes. 

VPNs also make online banking safer by giving users the ability to disconnect from the Internet in case of an emergency. This feature is known as a Kill Switch. Kill Switch buttons allow users to terminate their Internet connection quickly. These switches are available for users who realize, perhaps in the middle of an online banking transaction, that their connection is unsafe or that they have accidentally downloaded some potentially dangerous software. Once the Kill Switch is active, that device temporarily disconnects from the Internet. This action also stops all downloads and prevents your device from encountering other serious security threats. 

Ultimately, there are many different benefits to using a VPN for your online banking experience. If you want more reliable protection and additional security, a 256-AES-bit encryption-supported VPN is the way to go. PrivadoVPN brings you world-class privacy features in addition to even more security and protection. 

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