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Online privacy is more important than ever, and your VPN should give you the protection you deserve. If you want dedicated privacy for your data this Cyber Monday, PrivadoVPN can help. Our easy-to-use app offers lightning-fast connections and reliable security with the push of a button. With PrivadoVPN, you can find your favorite content anywhere in the world, increase your download speeds, browse with added privacy, and so much more.

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PrivadoVPN Cyber Monday Deal

For Cyber Monday, PrivadoVPN is offering a 1-year plan for just $30. That’s right: protection for up to 10 connections, SOCKS5 proxy integration, and access to hundreds of global servers for only $2.50. Plus, you still get all of the amazing features that PrivadoVPN has to offer.

  • Kill Switch Integration
  • Global Servers in 44 Countries
  • Secure Encryption Protocols
  • Multi-Device Security
  • Zero-Log Guarantee
  • IP Leak Protection

Did you know that PrivadoVPN is available for all of your favorite devices? Boost the privacy of your online experience by installing PrivadoVPN on your phone, tablet, computer, router, or TV. With robust protection from potential security threats, PrivadoVPN makes browsing and gaming a whole lot better.

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What is a VPN?

When you use a VPN, you’re increasing your privacy and boosting the protection of your data. But what exactly is a VPN? A VPN (Virtual Private Network) encrypts your IP address through a secure server to hide your location. This keeps your private data secure from any criminals or invasive ISPs who might try to access your personal information. With a VPN, your online activity is encrypted through a reliable server in another location. As a result, cybercriminals have a harder time deploying cyber attacks to your device. A VPN helps you reduce the risk of encountering these serious cyber attacks from malicious criminals. 

A VPN can help you boost your privacy, but it can also help you increase the speed of your WiFi connection. Some ISPs (Internet Service Providers) will throttle your network based on your activity, like gaming and downloading. However, with a VPN, you can hide your online activity from your ISP and prevent data throttling. Plus, if you enjoy gaming, a VPN gives you more security when you connect to a different NAT type for better speeds. The right VPN will help you avoid lags, get a faster connection, and increase your online security.

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Do I Need a VPN?

Still not sure whether you need a VPN? No matter whether you’re looking for faster connection speeds or increased privacy, everyone can benefit from a VPN. With a VPN, your IP address is encrypted through secure tunnels that give you more protection and cybercriminals cannot see your true location. This makes it harder for them to deploy malicious attacks on your devices and steal your information.

Using a VPN on your mobile device brings you even more protection. When you use your phone on a public WiFi network, you run the risk of threat actors leveraging vulnerable connections. If a cybercriminal can access your information on a public network, they can use it to steal your identity. Never risk your private data being compromised with a VPN. 

Cyber Monday VPN Discount with PrivadoVPN

Your privacy is important. Take back control over the security of your private data by downloading PrivadoVPN. With so many VPNs on the market, it’s challenging to determine which one works best for your needs. That’s where PrivadoVPN comes in: our easy-to-use app makes managing your privacy as easy as pushing a button. PrivadoVPN is also a true zero-log VPN, making it easier than ever to browse online with peace of mind.

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