Do you have your own YouTube channel? If so, you’re definitely not alone. Since the popularization of YouTube in 2006, the number of creators has grown significantly. As of 2022, there are more than 37 million different YouTube channels on the platform. Unfortunately, cybercriminals have set their sights on YouTube creators and have begun attacking channels through phishing attempts and much more. Whether you’re a new YouTuber or a long-time content creator, you need to protect yourself online. Take a look at our beginner’s guide to cybersecurity protection for YouTubers and keep yourself, and your channel, secure.

Online Security for YouTube Content Creators

Regardless of the size of your channel or the genre of videos you create, cybersecurity protection for YouTubers is important. With cybercriminals lurking around every corner, hoping to infiltrate your account, you need to take serious precautions to prevent attacks. Even if you believe your channel is too small to be a target, you should still increase your online security. This additional protection is to ensure that cybercriminals can’t block you from your own account or steal your private information.

Malicious hackers will use a variety of different attack methods in order to get access to your channel. Once inside, these criminals can obtain the bank information tied to your YouTube account. In addition to stealing your financial information, these cybercriminals can also prevent you from getting into your account. Some may even utilize ransomware to get you to pay for access to your own channel.

Between phishing attacks, hacking, and other malicious activities, cybercriminals will stop at nothing to access your private data. Before you upload your next YouTube video, read the following cybersecurity safety tips and learn how to protect your account.

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Tips for Protecting Your YouTube Channel

You may already be aware of some basic cybersecurity tips, such as creating a strong password for your account. However, there are many other ways that you can, and should, protect yourself as a YouTube content creator. You work hard on the videos that you create, so you deserve the best possible protection. Take a look at the following tips regarding cybersecurity protection for YouTubers and video content creators:

  • Never click on shortened, suspicious links.
  • Update your password regularly.
  • Avoid giving away personal information, especially via email. 
  • Set up two-factor authentication on your email address and YouTube account.
  • Never sign in to your YouTube account on a public device.
  • Ensure that your channel manager/admin is someone you can trust.
  • Remove third-party app access to your YouTube account.

Protecting your YouTube channel is not just about ensuring the safety of your videos or your account. If a cybercriminal gains access to your YouTube using your Google credentials, they can potentially access your emails as well. This can be disastrous for anyone who has their financial data tied to their Google account. Malicious hackers can break into your email and fraudulently impersonate you on banking sites, taking out loans in your name. Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg. The destruction that these criminals can cause has been notoriously catastrophic. 

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Keeping Your YouTube Account Safe

Ensuring the safety of your YouTube account can seem like a challenge in the face of hackers and cybercriminals. Phishing attempts trying to gather personal data and dangerous links that lead to destructive malware are the most common tactics. However, Internet criminals are likely to use any means necessary to obtain access to your private data. 

Your cybersecurity plan should include regular inspections of your account history and activity. Google makes it easy for users to find out whether their account is active on another device. If you aren’t careful, your YouTube account can be hijacked by these criminals. Google provides a comprehensive resource for creators that want to increase the safety of their YouTube account. 

Another way to increase your online safety is to use a reliable VPN on your personal devices. Most people spend a great deal of time on the Internet, and this is especially true for YouTube content creators. If you record videos on your phone or use your computer for editing, the security of your devices is integral. With a VPN on your hardware, you can feel safe knowing that your privacy is secure. 

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What is a VPN?

If you are unfamiliar, the term “VPN” stands for “Virtual Private Network”. VPN software allows you to reroute your IP address through a secure server in another location. This process uses encryption to ensure that your IP address is safely hidden. Your IP address tells other devices and websites where you are accessing the Internet. With the help of a VPN, your location is hidden and your private information is secure. 

There are many advantages to using a free VPN, depending on how much protection you need. In many cases, the free VPN experience is more than sufficient for those who only use the Internet casually. For the best possible security, you’ll want a powerful VPN with unlimited premium access. With a VPN that has no data limits, you can be sure that your device is always safe and secure. This is a great way for YouTubers to get consistent protection on all of their devices at once. 

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If you are a YouTube content creator who regularly uploads videos to your channel, you need to ensure that your account is safe. The more videos you share, the more likely it is that malicious hackers and cybercriminals will target your account. To ensure that your channel remains secure, you need a powerful VPN to keep your information safe from prying eyes. With PrivadoVPN, you can easily access hundreds of robust servers across the world from your favorite device. 

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If you’re a YouTube content creator, it’s never been a better time to increase your online security with a VPN. Don’t go another day without reliable privacy and protection: sign up with PrivadoVPN today!

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