As the fight for privacy continues, PrivadoVPN strives to bring reliable VPN protection to our users all over the world. Recently, India introduced a new data privacy law requiring all VPN providers to store user information for a minimum of five years. In order to protect the integrity of our user’s security and privacy, PrivadoVPN is withdrawing our India-based servers. 

This decision does not come to us lightly. However, we are pleased to inform our users that a virtual server replacement is being developed and is now available. This will give our users the ability to create an India-based IP address without giving away access to their information. 

How Will This Work?

Users will be able to access a virtual server replacement through their PrivadoVPN app. Connecting to the virtual server will work exactly like connecting to one of our physical servers. Simply click on your server of choice and browse freely once it has connected. Once you are on our server, you can confirm your new IP address by clicking here. Your country of origin will show “India” via another location, such as Switzerland. 

By utilizing this virtual server method, users who want to connect to Indian servers will be able to get the privacy and protection they need without worrying about logs or saved data. Although many of PrivadoVPN’s servers are physical, this virtual server will open up more possibilities for Indian users to access a secure and private network. 

India’s VPN Rule

On June 27th, 2022, VPN companies in India will be required to store the full name of users accessing their network, as well as their IP address, information about their activity, and other relevant data that can be used for marketing purposes. Imposed by India’s Computer Emergency Response Team, this ruling would make it easier for the Indian government to limit the online freedom of its people. 

Our Commitment to Privacy

We believe that everyone has a right to privacy and a right to access the Internet. PrivadoVPN takes pride in our ability to provide users with ongoing protection and total privacy. As this ruling is enacted, we uphold our values and promise to never collect logs from our users. This includes any online traffic, personal data, browsing history, DNS queries, connection logs, and any other identifying information. It’s important to our continued integrity that we do not collect data that could be used to identify an individual user.

Privacy is a fundamental right that everyone should be able to experience. Moving forward, it is our hope that we will be able to continue providing our valued users with access to reliable servers across the globe. 

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