We have all acquired more passwords in the past couple of years than we used to have. Particularly in the years of the pandemic when more people were signing up for new online services. One such service, LastPass, helps with that by managing all your passwords. But is LastPass secure?

It’s understandable to be a bit skeptical of any password manager. The idea of keeping all your passwords in one place seems counterintuitive for security-minded people. However, a good password manager can go a long way toward increasing your security.

What Are Password Managers?

A password manager is a service that will collect your passwords for various sites and apps. It keeps them encrypted and can automatically fill in sign-in information for you when you go to the right site. The idea is that you only have to remember one password (the password manager one) and the rest of your passwords are taken care of.

There are several password managers online, including LastPass, BitWarden, and 1Password, just to name a few. Many people utilize the password manager inside Google Chrome, though we don’t recommend it.

On top of storing and filling in login information, password managers often come with additional features, including secure password generators and password auditors.

Is LastPass Secure Password Management?

Overall, yes. LastPass is one of the most popular password managers in existence for a reason. Let’s go over what makes them so secure.

Like PrivadoVPN, LastPass uses 256-bit-AES encryption, which many consider the most secure in the world currently. It hasn’t ever been broken and it would take trillions of years for the fastest supercomputer on Earth to brute force the key. That means that your passwords can’t be read in transit.

However, the way that LastPass uses encryption also means that your passwords are secure on their servers. LastPass uses “zero-knowledge architecture,” which means that they encrypt your credentials locally on their servers. Even LastPass employees can’t access your vault. That’s why incidents like the 2015 LastPass security breach didn’t result in any compromised data: secure encryption protocols.

Finally, they use multiple two-factor authentications (2FA) options. 2FA is a method of ensuring that, even with a password, somebody can’t just access your account. This includes authenticator apps, limited-time passwords, SMS verification, and biometric authentication. 

Additional Features

Outside of its direct security features, LastPass offers several additional features that can help increase your online protection.

For example, there is a secure password generator directly in the app. Since you don’t have to actually remember your passwords, you can create one utilizing random letters, numbers, symbols, and capitalizations. LastPass will automatically save this in your vault, making it less likely that one compromised password would compromise all your passwords.

On that same track, LastPass regularly audits your passwords to look for duplicates and ones for sites that are likely under attack. It locates backchannel lists with your credentials on them and lets you know.

LastPass also has several recovery options, more than their competitors. This includes emergency access, where you can designate a specific person who can access your vault when you can’t and need to.

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So, Is LastPass Secure?

Very secure. LastPass has many incredible features that not only secure your current passwords but continue to make you more secure. They have had one confirmed data breach in over 10 years of existence and it didn’t compromise any user data.

There are many password managers to choose from and we’re not necessarily saying that LastPass is the best of them. However, to answer the question, “Is LastPass secure?” The answer is an unequivocal yes.

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