This week, PrivadoVPN is announcing Coinbase integration for VPN payment using your crypto wallet and crypto debit card. It’s now easier than ever to use your favorite form of payment to get reliable VPN protection. Coinbase allows users to add recurring charges to their cards, just like a normal debit card, and even has rewards for members. Learn more about PrivadoVPN and our new Coinbase integration below.

What is Coinbase?

The Coinbase platform is one of the most popular cryptocurrency card providers on the market. Coinbase allows users to buy, sell, and trade digital currency on a safe platform. The card provided by the platform lets you send and receive crypto for free, and it acts as a “one-stop-shop”. This means that the platform can be used as “a wallet, an exchange, and [a] merchant.”

Coinbase supports a number of popular cryptocurrency types, including Ethereum, Dogecoin, and ApeCoin. New users even receive sign-up bonuses and other incentives. The platform even allows you to gain more knowledge about cryptocurrency as you trade and sell with them. 

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Benefits of Coinbase Integration

Integrating the Coinbase platform as a payment method gives users more control over how they pay for their VPN. Across the world, millions of users are exploring the world of cryptocurrency. Managing your finances from one place is important, and this is especially true when it comes to crypto wallets. Coinbase allows users to leverage the platform to store, trade, and sell Bitcoin, and other crypto, on the blockchain. 

Coinbase lets users manage their cryptocurrency on their terms, spending and trading it in accordance with their own terms. The platform also lets you store your crypto in a vault, which can more securely protect your coin. With Coinbase integration for PrivadoVPN, it’s never been easier to use cryptocurrency to pay for your VPN.

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You may be familiar with other VPN providers, but what makes PrivadoVPN different? Our VPN is more than just a way to protect your online activity. PrivadoVPN proudly provides users with world-class privacy features for only a fraction of the price. We offer an easy-to-use VPN with a variety of options for protecting your devices. Not only does PrivadoVPN help reduce activity tracking from ISPs and cybercriminals, but it can also stop IP and DNS leaks. Plus, with secure encryption on your device, you can be sure that your network is truly secure.

When you use PrivadoVPN, you get unlimited VPN data each month. Without enough data, you could potentially risk exposing your device to online security threats. With PrivadoVPN, you can create up to 10 active connections from just one account. That means, when you sign up for unlimited data, you can protect your phone, computer, router, smart TV, and more. 

Many VPNs promise true privacy but still keep track of their user’s activity. PrivadoVPN is a true Zero-Log VPN backed by Swiss privacy laws, the strongest in the world. Our service is built with your total privacy in mind. We even offer a simple Kill Switch option in case of emergencies, as well as SOCKS5 proxy integration. With PrivadoVPN, you can feel safe knowing that all of your devices are secure.

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