Smart TV brings you all the convenience of your favorite streaming services and channels without subscribing to a cable company. However, the cost of most smart TV units is more than what most people are willing to pay. Enter: the Amazon Fire TV hardware. With Amazon Fire TV, you can access your favorite content and even stream audio from Spotify, Pandora, and much more. The Amazon Fire TV stick allows you to enjoy high-quality streaming content right in the comfort of your home. Although these devices are great for watching and listening to your favorite media, they do come with some security risks. PrivadoVPN for Amazon Fire TV can help you enjoy the best streaming content while ensuring the privacy of your device.

What is a VPN?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a form of software that hides your device’s location through encrypting its IP address. VPNs help you hide your online activity from cybercriminals and others who may be watching, such as Internet Service Providers. Devices that can connect to the Internet have an IP address that links online activity to that piece of hardware. Unfortunately, without protection from a VPN, attackers can easily install dangerous malware on your system using various methods.

VPNs allow you to strengthen your online privacy through a process known as “encryption.” The encryption process mixes up your data, making it harder for criminals to access and read your private information. After your data reaches its destination, the information unscrambles itself to ensure that the recipient can read and access it. This encryption process is the safest way to send private data between users and other devices. VPNs using encryption protocols like OpenVPN and IKEv2 introduce additional reliable security onto any network or device.

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Do I Need a VPN on My Amazon Fire TV?

The Amazon Fire TV stick has many features that can improve your entertainment experience. In addition to more streaming options, you can use the Amazon Fire TV remote to control your television with Alexa. However, if you value your privacy, there are some negative aspects to using this device.

According to recent reports, certain settings on an Amazon Fire TV stick can impact your level of privacy. This means that your viewing data could be sold off to other companies or used for marketing purposes. Additionally, many smart TV functions available on an Amazon Fire TV stick use automatic content recognition (ACR) to track views. The ACR functionality allows Amazon to show you more relevant advertisements. 

Want to stop your Amazon Fire TV from tracking you and remove the ability for advertisers to monitor your activity? It’s simple. Start by accessing your Fire TV device, opening the Settings option, clicking on Preferences, and selecting Privacy Settings. Depending on what you’re looking for, use the following steps to set up your privacy options.

Turn Off Amazon Fire TV Tracking

  1. From “Privacy Settings,” select “Collect App and Over-the-Air Usage Data.”
  2. Select “Turn Off.”

Turn Off Amazon Fire TV Advertiser Tracking

  1. From “Privacy Settings,” select “Interest-Based Ads.”
  2. Choose “Select” to turn the setting off.
  3. To reset your advertising ID, select “Your Advertising ID” and choose “Select” to turn the setting off.

Although these settings can help reduce the tracking that occurs on your Amazon Fire TV stick, there are other risks. Even if you turn off the settings in the Fire TV app, your ISP can still monitor your activity. Cybercriminals can also infiltrate your device without the appropriate level of protection. The best way to keep yourself secure is by using a robust VPN to mask your activity completely. That’s where PrivadoVPN comes in.

Why Should I Get PrivadoVPN for Amazon Fire TV?

PrivadoVPN provides Amazon Fire TV users with world-class privacy features for only a fraction of the price. We offer an easy-to-use VPN for the Amazon Fire TV stick that offers many various options for protecting your privacy. Not only does PrivadoVPN help stop activity tracking, but it can also stop IP and DNS leaks. Plus, with secure encryption on your Amazon Fire TV stick, you can be sure that your privacy is secure.

Our VPN gives users 10 GB each month for free, but premium users can access unlimited VPN data. Without enough monthly data, you run the risk of exposing your device to potential security threats. But with PrivadoVPN, a premium user can create up to 10 active connections from just one account. That means, when you sign up for unlimited data, you can protect your Fire TV stick, phone, computer, and more. 

Tired of VPNs that promise true privacy but still keep track of your activity? If so, then you’re in luck. PrivadoVPN is a true Zero-Log VPN backed by Swiss privacy laws, the strongest in the world. Our reliable service is built with your total privacy in mind. We even offer a simple Kill Switch option in case of emergencies, as well as SOCKS5 proxy integration. With PrivadoVPN, you can feel safe knowing that all of your devices are secure.

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Reliable Safety and Privacy on Amazon Fire TV with PrivadoVPN

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