There are countless Internet security threats that can put your privacy at risk. Cybercriminals and malicious hackers are always looking for ways to capture sensitive information from their victims. The method that these threat actors use can vary. Recent reports from cybersecurity experts show that the rate of crimeware is on the rise, which can cause serious financial loss. You may be wondering, “what is crimeware and how can it impact my online privacy?” We’ll show you how to identify crimeware on your device and how to protect yourself against it.

What is Crimeware?

You may already be familiar with “malware,” which is a shorthand term for ‘malicious software’ that is used by cybercriminals. Crimeware, as the name suggests, involves using malware to commit illegal activities over the Internet. This may include infecting someone’s personal device or infiltrating their private accounts with the goal of stealing data.

Depending on the cybercriminal’s intention, instances of crimeware can involve viruses and malware built to obtain personal information from victims. This information allows malicious hackers to commit identity theft and other forms of fraud. If a case of crimeware is left to run freely on an unsuspecting device, it can cause massive financial damage.

Certain criminals implement the use of ransomware in their attacks. Ransomware prevents users from accessing their devices or their data, forcing victims to pay a ransom to get it back. Cases of ransomware attacks have grown exponentially in the past year, and experts anticipate that this rate will only increase. No matter which type of crimeware a criminal uses, it’s important to identify and protect yourself from them.

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What Can Crimeware Do?

To better identify crimeware, you’ll need to first understand that not all varieties are the same. Each iteration depends entirely on how the cybercriminals plan to attack their victim. However, there is a distinct pattern in the way that crimeware endangers a target. Many reports of crimeware include similar instances of malicious, illegal actions. Crimeware has the ability to:

  • Send emails to contacts in your address book with an attachment containing malware.
  • Give attackers remote access to unsecured applications, networks, and devices.
  • Install keylogging software to obtain credentials and financial information.
  • Redirect a URL to a fake website to trick users into giving away private information.
  • Prevent access to files, accounts, or devices and demand a fee for getting them back.

Businesses, organizations, and individual consumers lose millions of dollars each year due to cases of crimeware. This can cause especially serious losses for those victims, like small business owners, who cannot afford to pay the ransom. Protecting yourself from crimeware with the following tips can help you keep your personal data safe.

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Protect Yourself Against Crimeware

Unfortunately, crimeware is more rampant today than ever. Cybercriminals are consistently finding ways to infiltrate their victim’s accounts and obtain their personal information or their money. Protecting your private data is necessary if you want to ensure that your information remains in your control. You can take the following steps to ensure that you are safe and secure from any potential crimeware attacks: 

  • Use strong passwords on your devices and personal accounts.
  • Ensure that your computer has the latest updates.
  • Install safe security software.
  • Never give away your personal information.
  • Check your banking and billing statements regularly.
  • Use a reliable VPN on all of your personal devices.

Taking the right precautions against a cybersecurity attack such as crimeware can protect you and those on your network. With the right steps towards online safety, you can ensure that your private data remains secure. Using antivirus software and a powerful VPN on your personal devices can help make it easier to protect your information. Cybercriminals are always on the hunt for new ways to scam their targets, so start securing your data today.

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