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Winter Promotion: Unlimited VPN for $1.99/mo

For a limited time, PrivadoVPN is offering users unlimited access to our top-rated VPN for just $1.99/mo plus three months FREE. That means exclusive access to hundreds of secure global servers and unlimited data, as well as a variety of other incredible security features like ad block, threat protection, and more. This promotion only lasts until 12/29, so be sure to get it before it’s gone!

Winter Promo 2022

Why Choose PrivadoVPN?

PrivadoVPN is a Swiss-based VPN, which means that your activity is protected by the strongest privacy laws in the world. Switzerland is not a part of the 14 Eyes Agreement, which is a collaborative effort across certain countries that actively tracks, logs, and exchanges mass surveillance data. If you are using a VPN based in a country that is a part of the 14 Eyes, you run the risk of having your online activity observed and monitored.

As a result of being a Swiss-based VPN company, PrivadoVPN is also a true Zero-Log VPN. This means that user activity is never tracked and never logged, preventing anyone from being able to access it and ensuring complete safety for the user.

We take privacy and security seriously, which is why we utilize enhanced encryption settings to protect our users. With AES 256-bit encryption in place, users can feel confident that their data and activity are securely hidden from prying eyes. 

Another great advantage of PrivadoVPN is the ability to utilize it on all of your devices. Whether you have a desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, smart TV, or router you want to protect, our easy-to-use app makes it simple to connect to the server of your choice quickly. Plus, you have the ability to protect your entire home Internet connection with PrivadoVPN’s security. Premium users can have up to 10 active connections on unlimited devices, so your friends and family can stay connected and secure. 

Winter Sale 2022

What Features Does PrivadoVPN Offer?

When it comes to privacy and security features, PrivadoVPN offers a wide range of settings and options for users to customize their online experience. Premium access comes with unlimited speeds and unlimited data, which helps with streaming, downloads, and more. Other popular features include:

  • Ad blocker integration
  • Kill switch functionality
  • Threat protection
  • Parental controls
  • SOCKS5 proxy
  • …and much more

PrivadoVPN is a top-rated VPN provider that brings users a simple way to easily connect to global servers. Users can navigate content restrictions from anywhere in the world, giving them more access, more control, and more to explore. 

Winter Offer 2022

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